[NBA] road riding Yong fire spurs 4 wins and 0 losses away “rascal” is not blowing

January 23rd: this season, the Spurs for the first time in the post Duncan era, despite many injuries, but after half a season, spurs is still the League many team envy, they present 34 wins and 9 losses, ranked second in the west, but also the entire alliance second. Don’t look at the day before Popovich told the media that the Spurs situation did not reach their ideal position, not satisfied with the performance of the team, it’s probably just him playing mihunzhen. How strong is the Spurs? A data may illustrate some of the problems. This season, the Spurs on the road against the warriors, rocket knight, this 3 big powers, they have a record of 4 wins and 0 losses, not a mistake. The warrior is a League record of first, knight is the eastern first, the rocket is third in the west, the 3 teams with winning percentage reached 76.7% (102 – 31), home court record is 56 wins and 12 losses, the Spurs can conquer all, it is rare. You know, the other teams in the league together in the 3 teams to get home record is only 13 wins and 72 losses. The start of the season, the Spurs will show strong away strength, they once created the season away 13 wins and 0 losses, until last December 9th against the bulls, they experienced the first defeat of the season away. In the opener, they beat 129-100 warriors, to the “four kings” a run VANS OLD SKOOL FLORAL BLUE WHITE MENS SHOES CHEAP TO BUY The two time the rocket hit the road, although spurs altogether won only 8 points, but this is embodied in the road and key moments in their experience. Yesterday, the Spurs away and knight war overtime, the ultimate success of victory, once again proved their gold content. Although the Spurs now face the influence of Gasol, Parke injury, but Popovich’s system in steady growth, plus Leonard, whenever the Spurs are still a champion team in a force can not be ignored. Author: Qiao Tete