[NBA] Bulls coach: I and Butler can co-exist he is now a very good mentality

ESPN news, recently, on the Bulls trading team star Butler rumors quite a lot, and today, the Bulls coach Hoy Berg said he and Butler relationship is very stable, there is no problem FREE SHIPPING 2016 NEW BALANCE WR996 WOMEN DARK BLUE “Since the end of the season, Butler and I have been in close communication.” Hoy Berg said. Hoy Berg also revealed that he went to Losangeles in a few weeks, met with Butler and several other players. “I sat down with him and talked to him, and I talked to him on the phone two days ago, and now he’s in a good state of mind. Now he is focused on things as bulls players at the Olympic games.” Hoy Berg said, “in the summer league he will come to guide the young players, I think this is very important. It’s important to be with your team’s young players. Butler’s mentality is very good now.” Last season, Butler’s behavior angered over some of his teammates and the Bulls senior. Some people think he doesn’t know how to be a leader. He tried to in the locker room more command and even the media expressed dissatisfaction with the Hoy Berg’s coaching style, said he to the player should be more stringent, and not so “soft”. At the draft, the Bulls tried to trade with the wolves and the Celtics, both of which were selling their draft picks. But the Bulls eventually feel that the trading scheme is not appropriate, they did not get enough returns, so Butler did not be traded away. A reporter asked Hoy Berg, whether they feel the future has the ability to coach Butler, Hoy Berg quickly replied: “of course, I absolutely can”.” The 26 year old butler last season for the second year in a row was elected to the all star team, this summer he will represent the US men’s basketball team at the Olympic Games. Author: Qiao Tete