[NBA] exposure Witters player option to keep up the thunder space sign Weiss?

Reported on July 19, Beijing time on July 19, according to the Werner Rawski Yahoo! Sports reporter revealed, thunder has officially decided does not perform Duhem Witters player option, so he will become an unrestricted free agent, can sign with any team. Aged 24 Witters in early 2015 was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In two seasons in the field near were 10.9 points and 2 MEN’S NIKE SHOX TL SHOES WHITE/BLACK/GREY FOR SALE 7 rebounds data is team’s primary backup of. Witters in 2012 in the first round of the 4 cis position selected by the knight, but has not been able to play the star level of performance, his last season, shooting only 39.9%, as a manifestation of the bench mob is not stable. Disclosed according to the Werner Rawski, the thunder still have Witters primary DS case / Bird rights (Bird rights and can re sign him back, but the team needs considering the flexibility of the salary space, because they have to prepare for the renewal of the Westbrook. Yahoo reporter Bobby Marquez has in the column said Witters on pay issues will have a direct impact on the thunder of reinforcement and to Weiss’s contract price. There are also many teams to Witters interested in half a month before reporter broke the news said King Witters opened 14 million annual salary offer. Werner Rawski said today, of particular interest to Witters include nets and 76 people. Analysis of the thunder team reporter Anthony Slater said: “thunder although the ability to sign and return winters, but the management layer has signed the Spanish defender Alex – A Flea Ness, this have illustrated the Witters and leave the foregone conclusion. Thunder get the space, but also get a younger, cheaper alternative.” Thunder has been in the summer lost the team one of the pillars of Kevin Durant, but Wes is a superstar, even if has many rumours that Wes would leave, but the management layer must be hoping for WES can stay with the team. Slater in the column said, thunder in before the draft transaction Ibaka, in exchange for Aurra Dibo. Let Witters is awkward. Now the thunder release signal, is undoubtedly biased towards breaking up, which may also mean that the management is still important to seize the possibility of renewal of Weiss, to maintain the team’s fighting force. Author: Kewell