[NBA] bucks bulls captured the end of the 3 straight letter brother cut 30+14 Parke 28+5

December 16th: the Milwaukee bucks (12 – 12) in the home court rebound. Ade Tor Quinn Bo had 30 points, 14 rebounds and 3 steals, Parke 28 points and 5 rebounds, who led the team in the first half a big score advantage, they withstand the opponent’s counterattack paratelum, bucks at home court to 108-97 victory over the Chicago bulls (13 – 12). The Bucks ended 3 defeats and the Bulls suffered a total of 2 defeats. Bucks adetokunbo had 30 points, 14 rebounds and 3 steals, Parke 28 points and 5 rebounds, Te Reto Vecchi scored 13 points, Della Vedova had 9 points and 9 assists, Snell scored 9 points, Henson had 4 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. Butler of the Bulls got 21 points, with a score of 20 points and a second assist, with a score of 19 points and a rebound of up to $and a rebound of 8 points and a rebound of up to a total of 5 rebounds for the team with a score of about $6 and a total of 4 rebounds for the team. The result of the game was that of the men of the game, with a score of points and three rebounds. Home court bucks after the start is positive, adetokunbo and Parke hit three points, they led the team to lead 10-6. Butler hit the jumper, Parke scored 7 points, he led the team to split out 11-2 small high tide, the first section there are 5 minutes and 50 seconds when the bucks to lead 21-10. Gibson recovered 4 points, Ade Tor Quinn Bo fired again to respond to the 5 points, the bucks to 30-18 lead the end of the first quarter of 12 points. Te Reto Vecchi feel in the beginning of the second quarter is excellent, he dropped into 2 record three points, one 8 points, adetokunbo had 4 points, they led the team 19-4 wave of attacks, this section for 5 minutes when the Bucks 47-26 lead with 21 points. Rondo and Gibson attack succeeded, Parke struck 5 points, Snell hit a jumper, 3 minutes and 40 seconds before halftime when the Bucks 58-31 lead with 27 points. The performance of active Gibson scored 7 points, Snell hit three points, the end of the first half of the team 64-45 lead with 19 points. Bucks Ade Tor Quinn Bo scored 20 points and a total of 7 rebounds in the first half, while Parke scored a score of about $17, with a score of 10 points for the bulls and a score of $for the bulls, with a score of $for the team and a score of up to points for the team at the time of the game. The team was awarded a score of $17 and scored a score of 10 points. The third day after the start of Jiudelaweiduowa adetokunbo and led the team to win the 8 points, the team 76-50 lead with 26 points. The Bulls pause after Wade and Butler hit the jumper, they played the 8-2 against the wave, the gap between the two sides has been pulled back to 20 points. The two sides after each bit, Te Reto Vecchi and three points, the bucks in the end of the three quarter to 88-66 lead by a score of 22. Wade started in the fourth quarter after the offensive force, he scored 10 points with a fine cast, he led the team to play back the wave of 12-0, this section for 5 minutes when bulls chase 83-95. Ade Tor Quinn Bo layup, Parke two free throws, which stabilize the situation for the bucks. Butler two free throws in the lead again even after 6 minutes, Snell layup, Mcdermott and Butler hit three points, the fourth section there are 3 minutes when the bulls to 95-103 behind. The referee blew the Delaweiduowa dribble fanwan gave the Bulls a chance, henhsen cover Butler’s layup, then his hook shot, right Delaweiduowa hit three points, the fourth section there are 1 minutes and 34 seconds when the Bucks 108-97 lead with 11 points. Wade jumper, Butler ball, the bulls huitianfali lose 97-108. The Bulls lineup: Rondo, Wade, Butler, Gibson, Lopez, the Bucks’ starting lineup: della Vedova, Snell, Parke, adetokunbo, henhsen Author: Liu