[NBA] Cuban: early promising dimension averaged three less double face! 1 years ago he said non super giant

December 7th: NBA regular season with the 1/4 schedule, thunder star Wesbrook is currently averaging 31 points, 10.9 rebounds, 11.3 assists. He has the chance to become Robertson Oscar, first players who played three pairs of data throughout the season. For Wesbrook’s performance, the Mavericks owner Cuban said he was not very surprised. He felt that Wesbrook really had a chance to do as O. “Yes, if you have a genetic like Wesbrook, athletic horror, playing with his energy, it is possible to do it,” Cuban said, “I mean, this guy is too cruel.” During the playoffs last season, Cuban has publicly stated that the thunder only Durant one is a super star, Wesbrook is not. So, how to explain a player who is not a super star has a chance to do a single season averaging three pairs of data? “That’s a different issue,” Cuban said. “We’ll see how the season develops. He does take responsibility, showing leadership. You still have to praise him in this respect.” Speaking of the current situation of the western first of the calf, is not the future to consider the deal to lose some players, Cuban said, this is a specific look at the actual situation. If the team still doesn’t win, that’s one thing. If you win a lot of games at once, it’s another matter, the team’s attitude may not be the same NIKE KYRIE 1 GRADE SCHOOL SHOES FLYTRAP SUPER DEALS Cuban also said that the lottery is not to have a high probability to get a good ranking, this is obviously not as good as the team to the playoffs, harvest playoff experience is more valuable. Author: Qiao Tete