[NBA] players suspected marijuana was arrested from Wizards

Whether it is inside or outside, the Washington Wizards forward Makiv is not a worry people master. According to CSN reports, Makiv recently at the Philadelphia International Airport was checked out of an attempt to bring suspected marijuana suspicious objects exit. Then the airport security personnel to notify the police, Makiv was taken to the police station. According to a local police spokesman said, at that time, Makiv and his mother and other relatives and friends are ready to leave the country to travel. But airport security officers found a suspected marijuana object in his suitcase. The airport staff then informed the police. Makiv was taken away by the police investigation. Although Makiv has been released, but the relevant investigation is still in. Makiv in 2011, the first round of the thirteenth draft pick was selected by the Feinikesi sun team, after the 4.5 season for the team’s effectiveness. 2013-14 season, Makiv has contributed 13.8 points and 6 rebounds, almost elected the best sixth man, last season, Makiv 82 all starters, averaging 15.3 points and 6.2 rebounds performance further. Makiv and his twin brother Maurice – Marcus had both in the sun effect. Two people in 2014 together with the sun reached a contract renewal. But this season, Marcus because the Suns will his brother Marcus – Morris trading a rages, on the pitch played also contribute non labor, repeatedly asked the Suns also traded, and successively hornacek coaches and teammates and conflict. In 2016 February, was the Suns traded him to finally choose the wizards. In later joined the wizards, Makiv did not have much improvement, but failed to help the team to the playoffs. According to previous reports, drug-related NBA player of a few. In March, the 2002 draft Bangyan, former Chicago Bulls team control Wei Jie, Williams said in an interview. In the NBA with 75% to 80% of the players have made use of marijuana. Williams said that the use of marijuana NBA players just to relieve pain and take away anxiety, marijuana is more effective than a lot of pain killers. Williams even suggested that the coalition should consider canceling the drug control order. So far, 23 states in the United States have lifted the ban on marijuana, but the drug is still banned by NBA. In accordance with the NBA drug trafficking agreement, they will be in each season of the players to carry out random sampling of drugs. Prior to this, including J NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE “WEATHERMAN” WHITE/MODERN BLUE-FLASH YELLOW-GREEN CHEAP TO BUY R. Smith, Larry sanders and other players also once because of violation of NBA Drugs Ordinance by alliance of heavy penalties. Author: Hu Hu