[NBA] Ho: the hostility that had previously been a non harmonious team mate has influenced my performance.

October 23rd: for the team, the new season will be the new trust: General Manager Sean – Marx, the new coach Kenny Atkinson, of course, as the point guard Jeremy Lin joined the team. Recently, Jeremy Lin was interviewed by Newsday, said the nets and Nicks in different periods. Q: can you describe how excited it is to lead the team as a point guard? Lin: I am very excited, I feel that for this opportunity to wait for a very long time. I really want to play well and enjoy the game. Because I really regret not having been able to make good use of my time in the early stages of my career, I didn’t enjoy it, because I was always concerned about the next thing. Q: did you always try to prove yourself? Lin: Yes, I always try to prove myself, always want to play a higher level of competition. I’m too worried about everyone’s ideas, and now, I want to reduce the external information, remove those I feel useless information. Q: coach Atkinson said, from the dual point guard to play point guard, you have to change the mentality. Can you do this and continue to be aggressive? Lin: it’s definitely going to be different. I’m slowly changing now. I think I need some time. I’ll talk to Kenny about how he thinks of me. Because I am sure I want to play the game he wants me to show, he is also very clear that we have had a lot of communication, I do not worry, because the relationship between us is to say what you can PUMA SPEED CAT 2 9 INTEREST CREAM BROWN SUPER DEALS Q: how much value do you have when you and Kenny built up in Nicks? Lin: it means everything. That’s why I’m here. I think I have a chance to succeed, and help the team to achieve greater success, I trust him very much, I know what he said, I know he wants things, I think I met some mistakes early in his career with the coach is not such a relationship between. Q: can you compare their nets as players, and the Lakers and Nicks when the players feeling what is different? Lin: I don’t want to talk about the details or the names of the players. But I knew I had to be in the team some good relations between the team last season in Sherlock is a good example, I also in high school. The team closely team is often more successful, then I also in some relationship is not so good in the locker room before, will feel some tension or hostility. Q: does that affect your game or your mood of happiness? Lin: it will affect the game, but also the impact of happiness. Will affect whether you want to work hard to play, the impact of the team culture, atmosphere and everything. Q: can you compare the nets and the pressure on Nicks? Lin: here in less pressure, because I can focus on my life and the game, I really care about God give me the standard, whether I’m in Losangeles, Detroit, Memphis, Manhattan or Broolyn, I don’t know how to treat me outside in the preseason, I only want God to be proud of me. I want to build a good relationship, I want to fight side by side with the people close to the friendship, this is what I want to do. Q: when you first came to New York, the story of your mate Fields sleeping on the sofa is very famous. What time did you sleep on the sofa? Lin: (laughing), to tell the truth, a few days before I slept my sofa, I forgot to say how many people can live in my home, the more people no place to sleep, so I feel shy, slept on the sofa. But my sofa is very good, so I have no effect on me.