[NBA] Jeanne buss apologized to Lakers fans: I have waited too long for this decision

February 22nd: the Losangeles Lakers officially announced, the team fired chief operating officer Jim Buss and general manager Kupchak as the “magician” Johnson appointed as club president of basketball operations. Jeanne Buss, who heads the Lakers, said it was a tough decision to sack his brother, Jim, and to make the decision to wait too long to apologize to Lakers fans. In fact, Jim, the departure of Kupchak and the magician’s early warning. Earlier, the magician returned to the Lakers, and made it clear that he wanted to be in power. But no one expects the magician’s upper will occur at this time node. “This thing in my mind is like a long time, but when the decision clear once I have no reason to wait,” Jeanne said, “in today’s League offseason not at all, you should be ready to draft, the summer league and so on, so not much like today’s time.” It’s not an easy decision to sack Jim and Kupchak. Jim is Jeanne’s brother (and will continue to be one of the Lakers’ bosses), while Kupchak is loyal to the Lakers for years. For Jeanne, it’s not just business, it’s more emotion. “It was a very difficult decision,” Jeanne said. “It’s been hard for me to wait too long. To this end, I would like to apologize to the Lakers fans. But now we have a clear direction of development, and the magician after the chat I also know that we have to change, so we make such a decision. I hope the management will show us the direction of the Lakers’ basketball, but they are not satisfactory.” The magician said in an interview that the Lakers had no involvement in Cousins’s decision during the all star weekend. In addition, he also avoided whether he would like to trade with Ingram Cousins and other topics TOP DEALS NIKE LEBRON 11 “BHM” MENS BASKETBALL SHOES EKDNWHM The magician said he was in contact with the league’s 5 general manager. The magician also spoke about the deal with veteran Williams, who said the other teams would have to pay a big price to get a deal with Williams. The magician praised the Lakers marshal Walton and young core team, he said he is willing to build a team around this core. The magician said: “we have the right coach and a lot of great young people, we can build teams around them and help them grow into all stars. First of all, we should train our young people. Second, we have to pick out more good young players. Finally, we have to understand that all the teams are chasing superstars, not just the lakers.” The magician said: “when Jeanne asked me to return to the Lakers, I thought the timing was right. I put my business aside, and the decision to focus on the Lakers was right. I want to build a team that is proud of both the pitch and the management.” Author: Saar tiger