[NBA] RARE! Curry fury to push people to lead to conflict less Green war 4 people eat T

March 21st: the warriors game against the thunder, Durant could not play because of injury, the fans loved the two less not because the warriors again staged, the overall strength is too strong, the festival quickly opened two points difference to two digits, the game lost little suspense, low dimensional thunder fans, it is difficult to resist, no matter from which angle it it is a very boring game, until the last moment half NIKE KD 8 BASKETBALL SHOES “SUIT” PURPLE CHEAP FOR SALE FREE SHIPPING Dimension less holding breakthrough by Iguodala pressed down, the referee whistled for scrimmage, both players compete for the position some contact, conflict happens at this time, Kristen stood in the penalty arc line, Curitiba came to a card, two people each have some small not to yield a step, action, I do not know what is said Kristen. What sinister movements, suddenly put a furious curry Kristen away. For career has been in the library, this scene is rare. Dimensional rare potential is not wonderful immediately approached, he first put the Kristen behind me, saying what, thought he is a kind to mediate, the dimension less put a curry away, a “Kristen you go away, I came to contest with him.”. Since the thunder is called a helper, the warriors are not no one, the team is best at solving this problem Green Wai up to curry out of the head, “Duang” to push away a little less. Seeing more and more number of war, both sides of his teammates quickly came to everyone apart, the referee also timely control of the situation, will see the video after blowing in the event of Curitiba, Kristen, Green and Victoria less a technical foul. The library did not affected by the conflict, after the game to hit the buzzer three first half points, the warriors with 20 points at halftime, basically a winner. Author: John