[NBA] melon position has been recruited in the KD: he is not important to meet with Nicks

According to ESPN reports, the New York Nicks team star Anthony said he has been recruited Durant – Kevin WOMEN’S NIKE SHOX TL SHOES WHITE/LIGHT PINK/SILVER NEW RELEASE And no matter whether Durant will meet with Nicks, his recruitment actions will not be affected by this. Anthony said: “I’m with KD now, he’s on my downstairs. So, we have been together, has been discussed. I’ve seen myself as part of the Nicks team. So, recruitment has already begun.” In the United States announced the list of the 12 Olympic Games, Durant and Anthony are among the top. This also gave Anthony more opportunities to go to the lobby, to sell New York to Durant about the benefits of the Nicks team. Anthony said: “we are friends, we go out to play things have been enlarged. Because he’s going to be a free agent. But, last year, no one will report these things. So, yes, it’s true that there’s a talk about it.” As a good friend, according to things and Durant often in the offseason contact. Durant said: “from the beginning of my high school period, Anthony has been my good friend. We talked about everything, he is like my brother.” It is understood that, so far, there have been five teams to get a chance to meet with Durant and his agent team. The five teams are: Golden State Warriors team, the San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers team. Anthony said, “you know, for me, it’s more about telling him what the real situation is. Because I was in Denver before the Nuggets also faced such a situation, I know he needs to consider a lot of factors. He had been playing in Oklahoma, and I had been in Denver for 7 and a half years, but I still have to make a decision. So, you have to let him make the decision, he will make the most favorable decision for himself. I think this is the most important.” Nicks team had previously traded the most valuable player Ross – Derek. Anthony and Ross for their cooperation with confidence: “we are very competitive, and I know he is very want to win. I have already talked to him. I’ve been watching him all these years, watching how he has recovered from injury. We are very hungry for victory. We still have a lot of work to do, but I’m looking forward to playing with him.” Author: Hu Hu