[NBA] false warriors? Lost three points in 12 games only 26% star nearly 6 war 197 throw in 59

Reported on March 10th: Warriors 5 recent war of 3 defeats, which also exposed many problems. What the hell is going on, the problem is that they are the best – three points. The warriors have curry and Thompson of the two history of the most outstanding pitcher, their three points has always been the top of the league this season, however, was not the case. This season, their three point hit rate of only 38%, last season was a total of 41.6%. In the past 6 games, three ball warriors 197 throw in 59, sight only 29.9%, while the 12 game of the season they lost three points, hit rate of only 25.8%. “We shot away with travel problems worse, but I am not worried about this,” warriors coach Cole said, “we have an outstanding pitcher. After you’ve been through the game, you’ll have to pick up the ball and shoot it again.” But expert Anthony Silatebingbu agree with Cole’s words, he pointed out that this is not a recent period of time, but for the whole season of the problem. Last season, three points in addition to performance warriors curry and Thompson, Green and all other players is 798 to 299, the hit rate of 37.5%. This season to play now, these players outside the line is 688 cast in the 252, hit rate of 36.6%, can be said to be very stable. The problem is the big three. Two seasons ago, when Cole just warriors coach, Thompson in the three ball threw the occupation career high 43.9%, last season, his three hit rate was 42.5%, while only 40.3% of the season. The history of the NBA library, fourth, three. Three points this season, the first sight fell out of the 4, currently only 39.7%. Last season, when within 4 feet of no defense, Curitiba shoot three is 48.3% hit rate. This season, so he shot only 42 KID’S NIKE SHOX TORCH SHOES WHITE/GREY/ORANGE FREE SHIPPING 9% star. Look at Green last season, his three separate hands 258 ball 244 ball unguarded, this season, his 214 three point shooting in 207 times this is no defense, so he takes up a lot of warriors open three chance, but his efficiency is poor. Last season, his three points 38.8% star this season, only 32.4%. So, that’s the problem. In the 52 win of the warriors, they hit an outside line by a factor of 41%. 12 games lost, their three point hit rate of only 25.8%. To win the game, three points 42.8% lose sight of Curitiba, is only 27.6%. Thompson two hit rate were 44.1%, 25.9%. Author: Qiao Tete