[NBA]LBJ dissatisfaction with Xiao Hua warned: I have a few things to become a coalition problem?

March 22nd: the day before the holiday, NBA star trend has become the focus of NBA President Xiao Hua has issued a notice, warning, the 30 teams today, one of the leading holiday Knight star Lebron expressed their own views. Lebron said that when he was a truce, the other people always look at the eyes of the other teams and players are very different when the truce. The problem is always getting worse in him. “I just know that when I become a member, this discussion will become more,” Lebron said, “if only the other players, it is also a short erupt, but as long as I have, the situation is completely different.” In Xiao Hua’s announcement, he said now rested as the alliance is a very serious problem, he also mentioned that the team boss hope to participate in the team’s decision, and the proposal is not in favor of Lebron. “What happened to the bosses? Bosses to join players to stop the decision to discuss?” Lebron asked suspiciously, “many bosses don’t even get along with the team, and many bosses just have the team because they’re the boss, they have the team, that’s it MEILLEURS PRIX NIKE AIR TAVAS HOMME CHAUSSURES SUR MAISONARCHITECTURE FRANCE BOUTIQUE1098 VENTE EN LIGNE What’s the use of it?” Lebron is willing to ease any contradiction between himself and Xiao Hua, but he has always stressed that Xiao Hua described holiday is a very serious problem now this alliance are in fact because Lebron is also a member of the rest of it, it is not serious, but as long as there is a Lebron in, that’s serious. “Xiao Hua is very good,” said Lebron. “He’s very good. I love what he has done for us, but I don’t see how the boss’s involvement can help. I don’t understand why this is a problem now, because I’ve had a few games” A reporter said that this is not only the issue of Lebron truce, the union is indeed a lot of people truce, the formation of this atmosphere, said: “this is the problem, in this case, it is so,” said Lebron. Otherwise, Popovich do 10 years, 12 years, 15 years, how did not form a problem?” Author: Qiao Tete