[NBA]LBJ yelled at me? Green: I’m shouting at him and enjoy his trash talk.

There is no doubt that the fourth finals will be a crucial showdown, “Green VS James” will be the focus of the battle. Paul Green said on a James shouting at him, he shouted back, he and James to enjoy the trash talk. On a final, James changed to play four, the game on the big striker Green, the effect is good, not only to get the other side of foul trouble, but also feel cold. In the end, Green in the last 36 minutes, 8 cast 2, only to get 6 points, while James scored 11 points and 32 rebounds, both ends of the offensive and defensive performance. In the first quarter, after the success of the scoring, James rushed Green roar, vent his feelings. A reporter mentioned the news, said James his roar, laugh it off green, not a word, why did he not to retaliate. Green laughed, “no, that’s when I talked back. I laughed, I think it was funny, because at that time, they let us know that they are looking for something, and they found it. They played a very good game, but I hit back and said what I wanted to say.” This conforms to Green’s character. In fact, as early as the 2011-12 season, Green rookie time, just in the same heat of the game to defend James, the two sides war of words. To the finals last year, the escalation of war of words, this year is no exception. Green enjoy such a contest, both offensive and defensive alignment on the field, or trash talk exchange, “which makes the game more interesting. Me and LeBron field has some intersection, the now you talk to him, you will understand next summer will be with him. It was a great deal of fun, and I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m trying to win the championship. So, these (saliva war) is not the key WOMENS AIR JORDAN 12 GS RED WHITE GOLD FOR GIRLS CHEAP SALE SUPER DEALS ” Referred to in the fourth game, Green said both him and the team have to play more aggressive, “on the offensive end, I need more positive, more LeBron consumption of energy.” Author: Zhang Qiang