[NBA] Griffin injury: need to do knee surgery cut part of the organization will be truce 3-6 weeks

December 20th reports: yesterday revealed that the Clippers all star striker Griffin will undergo knee surgery, and today, the Clippers officially announced the news. Griffin will undergo arthroscopic surgery on the right knee, he will therefore truce 3-6 weeks. According to the team revealed that Griffin is the right knee surgery to remove some of the loose organization, on the weekend because of his knee pain and was a game, but the other time he has been in combat with this pain. The Clippers coach Rivers Griffin said that the injury is not before the game against the warriors in the wounded. He described the injury more or exhaustion caused by. Griffin had a knee injury history, in his rookie season because of his left knee injury and missed the entire season, he did in 2010 January at the time of surgery. On the season he injured his right hand, the reason is a fight in the equipment management and the team off in January, another four head muscle strain, he also sidelined for several months, but in the playoffs he injured again, ahead of the end of last season. This season is Griffin’s seventh season in the NBA campaign, he played in the 26 game, averaging the battle for 33.7 minutes, contributing to the points, 8.8 rebounds, and 4.7 assists. The Clippers for several core, this season is a crucial season, if there is no success, such as the title or enter the finals, the Clippers are likely to face collapse next summer. Author: Qiao Tete


[NBA] nets against the Raptors suffered 3 defeats Lori Howe starting 12+4 23+4+8

December 21st: the Toronto Raptors (20 – 8) to victory in the home court. Jeremy Lin returned to the lineup with 12 points and 4 assists, raptors Lori scored 23 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds, Powell scored 21 points, they lead to six players in double figures, the Raptors established an early big score advantage in the competition, in their home court to beat 116-104 Broolyn nets (7 wins and 20 losses). The Raptors get 2 wins, the team suffered 3 defeats. Recommended reading: Raptors Lori scored 23 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 steals, Powell 21 points, Carol had 17 points, Deluozan scored 15 points, Joseph had 11 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Jonas Vallance had 10 points and 14 rebounds, he got Yakamu 9 points. The team received the Jefferson 19 points and 6 rebounds, Dinwiddie scored 14 points and 4 rebounds, Jeremy Lin 8 for 12 points and 4 assists in 4, Booker scored 11 points and 5 rebounds, Scola scored 9 points and 5 rebounds, Bennet scored 8 points and 10 rebounds, Hamilton 5 points and 11 rebounds. The nets to start Jeremy Lin, Lopez truce, Scola replaced starter. Shortly after the start of Deluozan and Carol teamed up with 6 points, 8 points ahead of the raptors. The Norwich and Harris hit three points, a 10-2 counter for the nets chase into 17 levels. The three points in Carol, Powell even won the vote with 4 penalty points, the Raptors opened the score again. Jefferson hit a jumper at the end of the first quarter to 6 points behind 23-29 nets NIKE LEBRON 14 SBR RIO NEON LIGHT IN THE DARK FOR SALE The second day after the start of the nets even after 5 minutes, Powell hit three points, Ross scored 4 points, the Raptors to stabilize the situation. The two sides have a bit later, Jeremy Lin feel offensive recovery, hit three Glenealy 4 points, 4 minutes and 30 seconds before halftime when the nets to 43-47 behind. DeRozan and Lori were successful attacks, they led the team back 6 points once again opened the score. The three points but Booker, nets in the last half of the 2 minutes before the misfiring, the Raptors scored 9 points at the end of the second day, they 64-46 lead with 18 points. Raptors DeRozan half got 15 points, Lori had 10 points and 4 assists, Carol scored 10 points; the nets Booker scored 9 points and 5 rebounds, Jeremy Lin scored 9 points. Gil Patrick scored 6 points to start the third quarter, Lori led the team to respond quickly to 8 points, the Raptors 72-52 lead with 20 points. Jeremy Lin hit the jumper, the two sides after each hit into several attack, the Raptors firmly keep large margin, the three points in Lori, Powell dunk, third section there are 3 minutes when the Raptors 88-66 lead with 22 points. Dinwiddie led the team recovered 4 points, Powell hit 3 points at the end of the three quarter, when the Raptors 91-72 lead with 19 points. The score behind the nets team did not give up easily, they tried to fight back in the fourth quarter, Lori hit 5 points, this section for 3 minutes when the Raptors to lead 101-80. Jefferson led the team to three points in the play back wave 7-2, Lori, Yakamu and Joseph teamed up with 4 points, the Raptors are 20 points advantage. Foye and Bennet hit three points, Joseph three points back to stabilize the situation, the last moment the nets are powerless, they lose 104-116. The starting lineup: Jeremy Lin, Gil, Patrick, Bogdanovic, Scola, Booker Raptors lineup: Lori, DeRozan, Carol, Thia Cam, Jonas Vallance Author: Xiao Liu

[NBA] thunder steady? Exposure KD most likely to sign the 1+1 contract for Oklahoma City

Durant battle is about to officially open the curtain, the famous reporter Werner Lo Voss Ki – Adrian said that Durant is most likely to renew the contract. God Wo said: “the thunder is all competing Durant team in the most powerful leader, Durant maximum likelihood or return to the thunder, and they signed a 1 + 1 of the contract (in the second year player option) and in the summer of 2017 for the future to do far more to, because Svisbruk of the contract also expire.” God Wo also revealed that he gets the message, even if Durant left this summer thunder, he also won’t and other team signed a long-term contract, the contract he signed a 1 + 1. So their future can have the opportunity to pursue greater benefits of the contract. Although currently the team are in meeting arrangements and Kevin Durant, but a lot of teams are actually the this as 2017 lobbying Durant a preparatory they expect Durant thunder the possibility of greatly, so the interview are for 2017 truly recruit lay a foundation first. According to the reports, warriors, spurs, clippers, thunder, heat, such as the Celtic team are in Durant met on the list. Last season’s playoffs, thunder into the Western Conference finals, and once 3-1 leading champion, but eventually was a big reversal of the warriors, missed the finals. But thunder show their competitiveness, look to the whole league, it is difficult to find a few more powerful than the thunder team. Durant naturally understand this truth. Thunder also recently made a deal, saying good-bye to the Ibaka, ora Dibo players from magic there, upgrade the bench 2017 AIR JORDAN 12 GS “VIVID PINK” CHEAP TO BUY Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] will not pass the ball? KD even swearing denounced younger brother

Beijing time in May 19th, thunder in the away game challenge champion, Durant – Kevin state of good, the first half of 13 cast 9 in the points to the next 23 points. He and Weiss drive thunder attack, and the warriors still bite. Adu scored 16 points in the second quarter, on the cover and move without the ball to create a lot of chances to score. When Weiss after the game, he even scored three points difference approximation, thunder need to rely on defense to fight back to get the initiative, Adu and Weiss also played a sense of urgency. 4 minutes and 43 seconds, Weiss Thompson in the corner out of mistakes, but the ball to Witters hands, but did not break long. Although Durant on without the ball cover scored turnaround jumper, oneself also laughed, but when he go to the side of winters or unceremoniously began to curse, and continuous scold two “f * * k you”. Originally, Freddy Adu has been looking forward to Witters’s long ball, but in front to the celestial hemisphere didn’t respond, as a team leader, he could not tolerate this kind of thing to happen. Although still smiling, but most also helpless smile – teammates do not listen to their command, as the boss or to the ball more embarrassing. ADU while in front of the media don’t love Xianshanloushui, but this moment in the game, his personality and self or highlight out, he is definitely not docile gentleman. But he didn’t train Witters talk back, only recognize. This thing also allows the United States reporter sighed: This is the first thing Lebron did Moss do ah……” In the quarrel between teammates is very common on the game, Wade had previously in the playoffs once scolded rookie Winslow and double less in the game play dispute has long been commonplace. In the subsequent pauses Adu or hug Witters and Randy Foye shoulder about tactics and his teammates are gathered at his side to listen carefully, his old position will not change ASICS GEL-NOOSA TRI 8 WOMENS PINK PURPLE FOR SALE Author: NIC

[NBA] Deluozan: I was very hate Bi Yongbo

Last summer, when Derozan just and billon Bo as a teammate, compared to his permanent Bo “welcome speech is very special. “I hate him.” DeRozan recalls, “he was still at Sherlock, I hate him. He has a lot of foul action, always successfully blocked shots, even if he will be cheated by fake action.” “So I told him: I hate you.” DeRozan said. But now, Deluozan contrast only Yong Bo affection. Bi Yongbo in the Eastern Conference finals third games to grab 26 rebounds, the team became the key to win. In Toronto core center Vallance Yunus back injury, billon Bo not only out of the individual performance, also use their own passion inspired by the success of the team. He is not afraid to block Lebron with a malicious foul, also in the block after the finger to challenge opponents. This performance has infected all the home fans, and the players are naturally encouraged. “After the game, I’ll never talk to you not to utter a single word, the.” Billom Bo said, “when I can jump, not to make friends on the floor.” The only goal is to keep the billom Bo, Toronto home court, to tie 2-2. Although Jonas Vallance state recovery, also participated in training on Monday, but he is not necessarily able to comeback in G4. So, in order to achieve this goal, the Bo billon must maintain the G3 play, the rulers become rebounds and influenced the knightly insider attack CHEAP TO BUY PANDORA COLORED FOIL BLUE MURANO GLASS BEAD CLEARANCE SALE And DeRozan was full of confidence in him. “He’s been the favorite teammate of my career now.” DeRozan said, “now you should also understand why he was so tired, and now I particularly like the characteristics of his.” Author: Kewell

[NBA] Barkley: Jordan can not tolerate criticism with MJ does not apologize for alienating

As everyone knows, Charles reports: December 24th – because Barkley openly criticized Michael Jordan management team level, resulting in a sudden turn for the worse the relationship between two people. Although their relationship eased down, but according to Barkley revealed that his friendship with Jordan will not return to the former appearance. Barkley recently said in an interview: “I love the same as the brothers love this guy, although we did not have a friend for some time, but this is nothing, we just have a small friction. He is very kind to me and I think he is good to him, but since I criticized his business, our relationship is different……” “But I still love and respect him, we meet and shake hands, say hello, nothing else.” He said. Obviously, Barkley and Jordan only called “a nodding acquaintance with”. But he felt it was no way, and did not regret having offended Jordan NEW AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO “FLU GAME” DISCOUNT Now people are very thin skinned, I, Kenny, Shaq (both his commentary partner) often receive complaints from players and brokers.” He added, “we’re just doing our job! What do you want me to say? I’m really depressed sometimes.” Barkley had a piece of very famous, he openly criticized Kobe is “selfish”, the Kobe three fire sent him a message, asking why he said that, he got very embarrassed. It seems that Jordan is the same style. “At that time (I criticized Jordan), because the Bobcats (WASP predecessor) is almost the worst team history, I would say Michael should find more people who will work, friends around him too much, and those who are not honest enough for him. Later, he became a big boss, let others operate the team, do a good job.” Barkley said. Author: Kewell

[NBA] exposure Bosh or will be forced to accept medical retirement

May 16th reported: according to ESPN reports, the last time, in the Toronto all star, the heat once again found that Bosh’s physical problems will cause the season to be reimbursed 819475-001 NIKE AIR MAX BW ULTRA 40-44 DISCOUNT This time or in Toronto, Miami grab war seven lost to the Raptors regret out, their season ended, and between them and the bosh and have to deal with. From now until the fall of this period, the heat and Bosh need to make a decision on each other’s future. Everyone must face Bosh eventually forced to accept the “medical retirement” outcome. The so-called “medical retired,” is to 2017 on February 10 (distance bosh one play a year after Chris Bosh or don’t play, in accordance with relevant provisions of the alliance, the Miami heat can combine with the players union application specified by the alliance of doctors to on Bosh’s condition diagnosis, if doctors eventually confirmed the bosh body has been unable to allow him to continue his career, bosh can choose “medical retired, so Chris Bosh can also get all the salaries of the remaining contract, and Chris Bosh salary also will not be counted in the salary cap for the Miami Heat. Bosh and the heat of the contract between the remaining three years 75 million U.S. dollars, he can get all the money. According to the relevant policies, the heat can get some compensation, but for them, they certainly want to get a every night to maintain a healthy Bosh. Even if Bosh got a doctor’s license, you can return to the stadium. But his health problems still look like a huge crisis that can erupt at any time. In the Miami heat lost to the Raptors, coach Spoelstra said: “I for bosh felt deeply sorry, because I know the game for him how important it is.” Spoehr Stella did not talk about the future of Bosh, but his pessimism has shown the seriousness of the problem. Heat in order to find Bosh in the inside of the replacement, they may have to spend up to forty million of the salary space. For example, they are currently the most pressing is to keep the team’s main center Whiteside – Hassan. There is no doubt that Bosh wants to continue playing, and the heat is also hoping he will be able to return to health. Heat earlier and Bosh also issued a joint statement: the heat, Bosh and the medical team has been working hard, hoping to let Bosh as soon as possible to return to the stadium.” But a cruel reality is that the heat has been for two consecutive seasons because of Bosh’s health problems can not go further. Bosh this season, a total of 53 games for the heat, the field can contribute 7.4 points and 19.1 rebounds. Since the all star weekend, Bosh has been in a state of injury. Previously, the heat has officially released a statement to announce Bosh reimbursement. Author: Hu Hu