[NBA] how long is it hold? LBJ send head frame dunks fist roar

Cleveland 120-90 victory over the Golden State Warriors, 1-1 at large into 1-2, LeBron – James played 40 minutes and 26 14 32 points and 11 rebounds and six assists, 1 steals twice capping, although there have been five turnovers, but today LeBron is impeccable, single game scoring postseason record, constantly attacking the ball to attack the basket manufacturing killer, defensive end at the expense of fell to the ground several times scraping. The third section with head flat basket dunk. Finally, his final total score to 954, beyond Bryant (937), rose to league history, 10th. Competition opening Irwin knight took the lead with the first basket, LeBron then hit a layup, the past two knights losing streak, be hit the warriors of the best performance in the history of the beat of life can not self-care, leader LeBron’s responsibility. G2 was slaughtered at 33 points after the news conference, Lebron stressed many times: “we are going to play better.” Today Loew’s absence, Lebron had no choice except to stand up. In he and Irwin led, Knight played in the 9-0 start, LeBron knows his shooting touch, so as far as possible to choose the storm basket manufacturing killer, and unlike the past two, LeBron ball in the elbow region will immediately turned to face frame. This way will not easily let warriors weak side player to clip, also can more clearly find distal teammates, timely send Ginobli, also don’t know warrior is not ready or into a state of slow, they take such LeBron no way let LeBron start 4 shots. The score, Lebron has led the lead, two points difference is almost instantly opened to two digits. LeBron’s fight, there are several lens can be proved, the first festival half he in order to compete for a ball right knees scraping, section of the same footage has emerged. But day LeBron with lineup played when, the warriors have the para position advantage, they continue to play rush back to narrow the gap, LeBron is a failure again and again, the blacksmith CHRISTMAS DEALS PD782352VR PANDORA CROSS SILVER DANGLE WITH CUBIC ZIRCONIA Tyronn Lue soon made lineup adjustment, had replaced Thompson Frye. This can be seen when LeBron frame offensive benefits, he held the ball into the basket hard to kill, even playing in, but also to the Thompson pick front plate tipped the opportunity, in the first four shots after, LeBron then eight goals scored only one, knight was also warriors slightly smaller gap, Zaizhan easy side LeBron rally, defensive end first force, take off the Andrew Bogut inside storm. And to this section there are 8 minutes and 06 seconds, Lebron jumper, after 2 minutes, his outwire three points too. Find the feeling of shooting LeBron Yuezhanyueyong, he knew that hand, Golden State Defense will be more afraid of, today the most classic scene appears in this section there are 2 minutes and 44 seconds before the end, curry pass is LeBron steals fell to the ground, he twice attempted to rise almost failed, still take advantage of the warriors back on defense is not in place, and Irwin hit empty with, head almost flat basket, the ball severely smashed into it. Hit the ball, the knight will be re opened to 20 points, then assists Irwin layup, the outcome suspense and smaller, match into the suspension, LeBron fist roar, slump for two wars he, too need this vent their emotions, soon, LeBron finals career the 938 points, beyond Bryant (937) rose to League history, 10th. Distal to the two sides lineup to the rotation, LeBron still remain in the field, the game there are 6 minutes and 11 seconds LeBron also Bulan rebounding double, he used continuous personal attack resisted the warriors with the rotation of frenzied counterattack, which is two games before the media and fans hope him to do, and he did not do. Finally, in both points difference remained at 20 percent or more of the game into the garbage time, LeBron last 4 minutes, 38 seconds was changed to rest, finally Cleveland 120-90 victory over the Golden State Warriors, big score 1-2, the finals of the suspense, still continued. Author: John