[NBA] Lang invited to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the green army teammate Allen did not invite ray

March 21st: Rajon Rondo a contact with the former Celtics teammate, now from the Celtics won the 2008 NBA championship is 10 years, the green army launched Rondo, the former teammates are ready to engage in a 10 anniversary celebration. The party, however, was not invited by ray Allen. “I asked some of my former teammates for their comments.” Rondo talked about why he didn’t invite Allen. In 2007, Allen and Garnett joined the Lvshan army, they formed three giant and super Pearce, when young Rondo served as guard green army finally begin to display talents in that season, the last laugh, they won the first in 22 years, is also the team history seventeenth Championship trophy. 2010, the team reached the Finals again, the four is still the absolute core. In July 10, 2012, Allen accepted the Miami 3 year contract for $9 million 500 thousand, which shocked the green army team, Allen refused to know him a green army for 2 year $12 million contract, but also has veto deals. To know that the Celtics and the heat can be described as a dead end, Lebron, Wade and the leader of the heat in the Eastern Conference finals in 2012 out of the green army, and even take two championship. Allen’s departure has also alienated him from the relationship between Rondo, Pearce and Mr Garnett. “It’s a long story, the situation is such a situation,” Lang said, “I can’t think of a good analogy, this is not good, we are a team, as a whole, but such a thing happened. We and the Gang (hot) guy is the enemy, then join the enemy? Unheard of in sports. Well, it may not be so unheard of, now the environment seems to be flattering.” “What we thought was, you shouldn’t have done that. This will inevitably make people question the position of the series, where do you stand? Your blood does not flow green blood, people think that we are not a relationship, really not how. But it’s not that I’m alone, I’ve contacted a couple of old guys and asked what they’re saying, and they told me to do it now (not Allen).” A member of the green army 08 champion has been talking about Allen’s departure, I mean, ray left, he left to join the enemy camp.” Pearce did not invite Allen to make any comment, but in an interview in 2016, Pearce had described as a betrayal of the departure of Mr. Allen. “It’s a difficult situation because we think it’s betrayal,” Pearce said. “That’s why it’s going to happen that way, and why we don’t talk to him. The relationship between ray and Rondo is really not very good, but that’s nothing. He didn’t talk to me, Kevin and Rondo, before he made his decision to go to Miami.” “I tried to call him, but I didn’t get any reply before he signed for Miami. We are brothers, fought side by side, while Miami is the opponent, we just want to let him give a statement or something similar, but suddenly, he did not say what is left, I think this is the most disappointing thing is not really a phone.” Of course, not everyone in the team was against Allen ASICS GEL SAGA MENS BEST SALE XMAS20161513 SUPER DEALS Leon, who was then a striker, is now working in the green scout department, and was surprised when he heard that he had not invited him to the office of the president of the United States. He said that he had been surprised by the fact that he had not been invited to the army, and that he had been invited to work in the army. “I thought Ray would be invited,” said Bao Wei. “He’s one of us, and I’d like to invite Lei Ye.” Lang said that, in addition to Allen, he personally sent to the green army of all his teammates had been retired for a long time, the center of the P.J. Brown because the address is not necessarily linked. “Everyone should come, I have talked with them through words,” Lang said, “when I went to every city, one by one I invite those guys, Feinikesi Eddie, Moorhouse, J Calle Brian bowie. I just don’t get in touch with P.J. Brown, but I should be able to find him. We’ll get together, enjoy life, speak up. Although next year is the 10 anniversary, but I would like to do this summer.” Rondo, Pearce and the Grizzlies Toni – Allen is the champion of the year that support team is still in the player, Pearce has said he will retire this summer, Rondo said he was 31 years old and is considered a veteran, this kind of feeling is very strange. “I try to stay young and protect my body,” said Rondo. “It’s going to be a lot of time, day after day, season after season. We said we were going to do the 10 year anniversary. You know, my reaction is’ in the past ten years, it has been for the past ten years. ‘ All like yesterday we still talk about how the 31 year old KG, and now has been 31 years old, the young people have called me old. Okay, okay, I’ll take it, but I really don’t want to hear it so soon.” Rondo said he is still deeply in love with basketball and is willing to go on for more seasons, so one day he will return to the Celtics? “I don’t know, you’ll never know what’s going to happen. It was a great team, a great fan, that’s the best team I’ve ever played, I’m not going to say anything like that, but now, I don’t know if it’s a plan.” Author: Haozi