Behind the [NBA] “Zhen Huan” man going to NBA?

On June 1 report: in the entertainment circle, many entertainment stars are basketball fans, usually privately all like to play and learn from, such as actor Deng Chao. Yesterday he sent a micro-blog, claiming that he is going to participate in the NBA draft. “NBA informed me to participate in next year’s draft, I do not know will be in the first few, which team is selected?” To see such a funny feeling overwhelmed by micro-blog, do you think Speechless? Originally, this is Deng Chao sun out of a their own basketball video, in order to cope with the video blow blow their skills, he deliberately added on such a funny show. However, if seen the video, you will find Deng Chao teacher skills but it is still very possible. In the video, he stood in the free throw line position shot, hit 5 consecutive shots, and the rhythm, technical action, strength of the use of very good, quite stable. Next to the crowd watching also issued a scream SUPER DEALS AIR JORDAN 4 DOERNBECHER “MAN” FOR SALE RFTHS Until the 6 shots, Deng Chaocai missed, he immediately laugh a run away, then come to a mobile warfare in the middle distance jump stop, the location is also near the free throw line, the ball! In the entertainment circle, like Deng Chao so love to play there are many, such as Wu Yifan, jiangjinfu, Yuan Hong and so on, and they are quite know the ball, are also a lot of knowledge to the NBA playoffs this year has been carried out to the climax to the final paragraph finals, presumably Deng Chao also itched to have a go, so a small test their skills. Author: Qiao Tete