[NBA] is riding the closing stages of Yong Qi stuck in the doldrums predicament two friends or with the lost list

March 10th report: Cavaliers today on the road against the pistons, they ended up in trouble, eventually 101-106 lose. Like the warriors of the west, knights are now in danger of losing their place at the top. Yesterday, the warriors lost to the Celtics home court, nearly 5 war 3 defeat, which led them to lead only ranked second behind the Spurs 1.5 games in the regular season, and the 1/5 schedule, the gap can catch up, but also not to mention the back warriors and Spurs play again, so they are first in the League record may change. The knight is the same, with the green army behind them, after winning the game yesterday, the green army record into 41 wins and 24 losses, the Cavaliers lost today, they will only lead the green army of the 2 wins AIR JORDANS 6 RETRO BLACK WHITE RED FOR SALE NEW ARRIVAL And half a month ago, the knight in the first position to the East was very steady, even the slightest worry about losing streak. It’s important for warriors and knights to get the first place, ensuring that they have the home court advantage in the playoffs. This is the season before the start of the season is to ensure that the first season to ensure the goal of the west, the purpose is so. Although a successful team must have the ability to win in the playoffs, but occupy a variety of advantages, will obviously be more favorable to their own. Even if the defending champion Knight also think so, the knight has 3 game losing streak, they also face the future rockets, wizards and other enemies, and they will last for the Celtics, the competition is likely to determine the final position of the eastern part of the first. For the warriors, paladins, another problem is that they Similarly afflicted people pity each other. personnel arrangement, whether to make the main holiday. Lebron this season has been averaging all the time in the League before the 3, and the warriors have recently appeared because of the devil race and fatigue, injury, how to ensure health, while maintaining a position of first? It really hurts them. Author: Qiao Tete