[NBA] points to defend the legacy! Booker had been Kobe donated his shoes he has 6 points too much like KB

March 25th report: Feinikesi Suns will be relegated to the bench of a number of veterans, to build the youngest starting lineup of NBA history, and finally produced a result today. Only 20 year old German guard Booker against the Celtics game scored a career high 70 points of personal occupation. The 20 year old man made a number of records. He thus became the first woman in the history of the NBA against the Celtics scored 70 points for the player, he is also the history of the NBA eleventh single player game scored 70 points, of course, he is no doubt 70 of Mr. NBA’s youngest. The league has yet to get a 70+ score since Kobe scored 81 points against the Toronto raptors in 2006. Kobe, the great point guard behind Jordan, declared his retirement at the end of last season LASTEST PD448741LN PANDORA FACETED BEAUTY, PURPLE MURANO GLASS CHARM Booker, the two – year – old point guard at the age of 20, has a history of a great point guard this season. Although Booker attention is not so high in the sun, but the League including Kobe and Lebron and other superstars, already very optimistic about this 2 bit of jade. Last season, when Kobe played Feinikesi in Phoenix’s farewell after the war, he took a pair of shoes of his signature to Booker, and hope that the young people become a legend: “he is in my when I like to like Jordan.” This shows that Kobe is how much attention to this young man. In fact, Kobe and Booker have a lot in common. First of all, their fathers used to play in NBA. Second, Kobe was a player of the 1996 NBA draft, and Booker was born in the year of 1996. Third, Kobe and Booker are 6 feet tall, are the standard point guard body size of 6. Fourth, Kobe and Booker were the youngest players in the NBA when they were selected. Fifth, they are selected in the first round of the thirteenth CIS, which is really a magic number. Sixth (this is far fetched), they are wearing Kobe series of shoes. Author: Saar tiger