[NBA] proudly! The new labor agreement Curitiba chengdayingjia annual salary of up to 47 million

December 16th reported: according to the NBA reporter Wen de Khost and Mark – Stern joint report, league sources, two consecutive years as the most valuable player of the league’s salary, high-energy representatives, Jinzhou warriors star Stephen – Curitiba will become the big winner of the new collective bargaining agreement. In the new collective bargaining agreement, and Jinzhou warriors curry can be a five year contract worth about $207 million maximum salary contract. Then, the library will start at $36 million, is three times higher than his current salary of $12 million, and in his contract last season (2021-22 season) salary will be $47 million PD257235UX PANDORA WE LOVE YOU CHARM CHRISTMAS DEALS The sources said, a veteran of the new collective bargaining agreement specifies the terms and let the curry greatly benefit, the two consecutive most valuable player contracts from this season’s $12 million direct leap into next season’s $36 million. The summer of 2013, Curitiba due to injury is not optimistic about the prospects of the final signing, he and Jinzhou warriors reached a $44 million contract for a period of four years. While signing the contract after the bank continued to progress, and ultimately grow into one of the Super Star Alliance, which made him the representative of low energy NBA. The sources said that in the new collective bargaining agreement, curry may sign a five year approximately $207 million maximum salary contract, in the contract last season (2021-22 season), curry’s salary will be $47 million. In accordance with the provisions of the new labor agreement, in line with the relevant standards under the premise of a superstar in renewal with the parent team, his salary can reach 35% of the salary cap. While curry for two consecutive years and won the MVP award, and he has been playing for the Jinzhou warriors, so he is in accordance with the provisions of the. According to the current labor agreement, Curitiba salary is up to 30% of the salary cap. NBA President Adam – Shaw recently said in an interview, the new labor agreement can give some small market team confidence, so that they have a greater advantage to retain the team’s star players. Teams such as Pacers, kings and jazz, they can have the advantage to retain their own stars (Paul – George, Michael Essien and Hayward). All union participants generally expected, in the library after the expiration of the contract will not leave the warriors. The new agreement is to let him leave the possibility of greatly increased. If the library will change over this summer, so he can get from the other team a four year $135 million maximum salary contract, and a far cry from the warriors can offer. Of course, the new labor agreement is not all good news for warriors. Durant will also be able to sign a big contract next summer. As a 10 year veteran, Durant’s salary also can be as high as $36 million. However, because Durant has only played for the warriors a season, the designated player case does not apply to the Durant. Therefore, the warriors to leave Durant must make a huge salary space. Warriors two other core figures Green and Thompson have signed a long-term contract in the body, which does not need to worry about. But the warriors may no longer have enough salary space to sign important teams like Iguodala and Livingston. Author: Hu Hu