[NBA] flash back injury nanzu Miami ahead

Reported on May 13: heat and the Raptors series was raging, zhanba 5 games, the heat temporarily with 2 than 3 backward, Beijing time on May 14, G6 companies will usher in the race, the race for the heat crucial. G6 and the Raptors will be heat leader Wade career of the 165 playoff campaign will also enable Wade ahead of Larry Bird in the playoff campaign screenings charts, and Bill Russell tied history list No. 27. And it will also be Wade career 18 of the field facing elimination and whether or not the match point game, 17 games before, his record of 10 wins and 7 losses. Among the 10 games to win the game, including the first round of the season and the first round of the G6, G7. In the face of the battle of life and death and the Raptors G6, Wade and the heat is faced with no small difficulty, “we this round of the series so far has lost two important players.” Wade talked about the two generals, referring to the center Whiteside and striker Llull – Deng, two people were injured in this round of the series, G6 play into doubt NIKE KOBE 11 ELITE WEAVE COLOURFUL BASKETBALL SHOES NEW RELEASE Also have to mention is Chris Bosh, the all star players from the all star after no stage play. “In spite of this, we are ready for G6, this is the playoffs, if you can not adapt to this environment, then you can not get success.” Wade continued. Because of his knee injury, the heat center Sander White has been absent from the series for two games. According to the heat boss Jose Spoelstra’s latest situation, he expects Whiteside will continue to receive treatment and will miss tomorrow’s sixth key games. And on the heat, and a huge blow from the G5 game is served the third Festival half Luol Deng wrist injury, after the X-ray diagnosis and found that Deng left wrist contusion, although found no structural damage, but according to team officials said the message, Luol Deng can war G6 is a question. In the eyes of the U.S. media the Palm Beach Post reporter Dave – George, wade in the mind is very clear the team in a kind of situation, in this must win situation, Wade clearly, winning is the only thing he needs to do things. Author: Mu Zili