[NBA] Green is a double-edged sword and how to use the spiritual leader and chief

June 20th report: the warriors in the finals of the seven lost to the knights, missed the defending, for all the warriors players, this is undoubtedly a very disappointing results. For Green is even more so, for him, this year’s finals and even the entire playoffs have a lot of summary. In the finals G4, Green in the final stage of the game into the conflict with Lebron, he hit Lebron’s lower body, which led to the League after the League against him to investigate. Both each other intentionally designed or, or unconscious behavior worth mentioning, Greene’s own should know his flagrant fouls and technical fouls tired points, he needs to do is not just calm, but 200% of calm. It is because of the irrational behavior, green was added for a flagrant foul 1, so that their own in the playoffs a flagrant foul integral reached 4, G5 ban. Lose the green warriors can not at home to take G5, center Andrew Bogut still injured, bid farewell ahead of the season, the warriors look into passive. Finally, the warriors under the weight of the 3 game losing streak, while Green’s suspension is clearly an important turning point. Recalling the playoffs green in the Western Conference finals initiates the controversy, he to Adams “kick nakedness behavior not only let himself become the object of public opinion Crusade, also gave the warriors in the 1-3 behind the danger. Although the final strong reversal of the brave, but Green revealed the character of the problem had to pay attention. As a two round show, Green in recent years, growth is very rapid growth, he became the all star, to get the championship, but also has a ten million contract, just like NBA in the new inspirational legend. However, expression style and direct exposure Green too assertive but he and his warriors buried worries. There is no doubt, the green is a very good person, he in the discipline of elite Michigan big read four years of study before entering the NBA, he not is that common simpleminded four limbs developed athletes. But in the face of success, Green also need to learn to better grasp their own, whether it is on the team’s words and deeds attitude, or on the opponent’s words and deeds of the game on the pitch. Playing with energy, this is an important intangible value for Green to the warrior. Coach Cole and team core library has repeatedly said in public, green is the spiritual leader of the team, is a team spirit, which is the extremely high appraisal SUPER DEALS AUTHENTIC BB1840 ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 750 “GLOW IN THE DARK” LIGHT GREY/LIGHT GREY/GUM However, the energy is a good thing, but if excess, it may be counterproductive. In this season, the media had reported green and Cole’s some playfully bicker. In fact, if in some people with ulterior motives to interpret, this may is disobedience of a reflected. Cole in accepting the best coach award has expressed hope that Green will continue to roar his future, he will roar back, in fact, this is also reflected from the side of Green’s usual state of the coach. The most famous is February 28 away against the Oklahoma City thunder game. Due to the passive situation in the first half, behind a lot, green their status is poor, most of his teammates also are very low, so in half green in the locker room freak, Cole roar and threatened to second half strike a match. Whether there is a stop on the back, like this situation occurs in a player and a team of managers are not suitable. In the playoffs, green is good, in the library of a truce he and Thompson et al, along with picking up the warriors. But in the Western Conference finals, Green encountered a lot of obstacles, the performance of the downturn, a variety of special foul play also gave the warriors a lot of distraction, so that they can not focus on the game. Although in today’s finals, the tiebreak, Green’s outstanding performance, the first half played efficient offensive performance, war movement 10 shots 8, three 5 5, detonation under 22 points, scored 32 points and 15 rebounds and nine assists is entirely LeBron, but obviously, under the weight of the warriors and does not depend on one’s back Yong can solve the problem. Although the first half of the warriors lead 7 points, but in the end they were reversed, missed the title. The future for Green is still very long, he has to learn a lot. Outspoken upright dare love dares hate is his character and natural light, but remember don’t let it become simple and crude, don’t let the hard edged harm themselves. Author: Qiao Tete