[NBA] Lakers star talk with small German conflict: Kobe taught me to fight do not put down

January 8th report: yesterday in the Losangeles Lakers home court against the Miami heat game, the outbreak of the conflict the Lakers backcourt stars Clarkson and Miami master de Rakic. It is worth mentioning that Clarkson in the conflict with his fists to protect his face, which is a standard boxing action. Clarkson said that this is retired star Kobe taught himself. In the game yesterday in the third quarter for more than 5 minutes left, Clarkson and de Rakic pushed the basket. De Rakic Clarkson hit the right shoulder, and Clarkson immediately retaliate against each other down to the ground. De Rakic quickly got up and wanted to work with Clarkson. But Clarkson refused to yield up his fists, made a boxing action. Fortunately, both players and referees are rushed to the two separated, did not let the conflict further intensified. Since then, the referee after the two men will be expelled from the show. After the game, Clarkson has talked about the boxing action. He said that while it may seem a little ridiculous, Kobe, the elder, told himself that it was important not to let go of the conflict. “That he was rushed to me I was,” Clarkson told the “Orange County Chronicle” reporter, “I don’t know what he will do next. So, I hold up my hands to protect myself. I remember one of the things that Kobe taught me is to never put your hand down in conflict, but to hold it high.” Kobe’s little brother to such a weapon, probably because of the bitter experience when he was young in the conflict because of lack of experience and were beating the other UNDER ARMOUR CURRY 2 LOW CUSTOM BLACK WHITE YELLOW SNEAKER CHEAP TO BUY In the 2000 game between the Lakers and Nicks, Kobe and other players Chris Childs conflict. When the childs rushed to Kobe, the young Kobe does not have any defensive action, the result was the other a series of combination punches hit mongolia. This is playing experience, Kobe career can be said to be a very painful experience. So, he also taught the experience to the Lakers young people. Author: Hu Hu