[NBA] Lvshan army thirty-second times 50 wins and tied the Lakers winning three jump Marshal LED

April 3rd report: Beijing time on April 3rd, the Celtics in the 110-94 victory over Nicks, the record reached 50 wins and 27 losses, becoming the first team in the east to reach the top 50. This is the thirty-second time in the history of the Celtics harvest season, the Lakers have tied the Lakers, tied for the history of the first 50. The Celtics and the Lakers are NBA’s historical giants, the Celtics more titles, and the Lakers are strong in the record stable, no long downturn. But in recent years, the fate of the two teams has changed. The Lakers failed to keep them away from the reconstruction of the playoffs, the Celtics are steady, in the big three (2012) after the disintegration although there have been sluggish, but in the past three years the rapid recovery of combat. Since 2007, they have only missed a playoff, and this year is the first time after the 2010-11 season to get 50 wins. It is worth mentioning that this is the last time the Lakers won 50 wins. When both teams or champion teams, in the 2010 finals 7 games to fight. But in the end, the Celtics first out of the doldrums, the beginning of a new era. This “long pain is not as painful as” reconstruction, although they lost the opportunity to bid farewell to Garnett and Pearce, but in the long run, but let them avoid the fate of the Lakers or the Mavericks now. In addition to the reconstruction of the determination of the ruthless, the Celtics draft, trading, signing of course is not to be ignored. This season, the Celtics in the lineup with the last time they won 50 wins, the only remaining player is Avery – Bradley. He is a green hand rookie, and now he is the core of the team CHRISTMAS DEALS NIKE KOBE 11 GREEN BLACK WHITE In addition, at the end of the Rivers era, the Celtics chose young Stevens as coach, and his performance was awesome enough, coached four seasons, winning percentage were 30.5%, 48.8%, 58.5%, 64.5%, is currently in charge of winning has been filled early reconstruction of the pit, more than 50%, and from the green army now the rise of view, this is definitely not the last time he took 50 wins, a new chapter of the green army has just begun. Author: Kewell