[NBA] witness 100 suansha? Morley have passed 2W master cut scene

Text: Wei Bin, the author of the Philadelphia 76 people beat the San Francisco warriors won the championship in 1967 (April 24th), we are away. The end of the game, I finished the work back to the hotel, ready to go back to the room to rest, I passed the Chamberlain room, see a row of a woman standing in his doorway, gorgeously dressed, amorous various women. I just walked through the door. Wilt opened the door. To tell the truth, I didn’t know he didn’t see me, only to hear him say, ‘next’. If that’s what he said (I’ve been bed with 20000 women), that’s what I see.” Harvey – Pollack. Chamberlain himself has been dead for 17 years, of course we don’t know how this data is figured out, “commander” will put a book on the nightstand, painted with “positive” word? Or a coin? Pebble? Shell? In other ways, such as a knot? In short, there is a super data, said Pollack is not allowed, he said with a smile: this can not be verified, can only be calculated.” As a human being, the number 20000 is a testimony to Chamberlain’s power”. As a NBA player, the number 100 is also significant. March 2, 1962 Philadelphia warriors vs. Nicks in New York, as a public relations officer in charge of the preparation of the post game press release,, Pollack. In the course of the game, he continued to count the data on the field, near the end he found that Chamberlain has scored 100 points. The problem is that the ball did not apply for an interview with reporters, if you do not leave some evidence, Chamberlain’s 100 points can only be estimated? “Okay,” Pollack recalled the scene that day said, “The Associated Press photographer Paul VASIS and his son bought a ticket to watch the scene, I told him that today Chamberlain scored 100 points, you want to be remembered after death? He nodded vigorously, stepping on the wheels in the car for the camera, then I am a journalist from holding a piece of paper, write in 100 that Chamberlain took, Paul took this photo.” (VASIS memories are slightly different, he said that it was to take the kids to the doctor, temporary decided to see a game and then go to the hospital. Chamberlain scored 41 points in the first half, he knew that the ball will go down in history, back in the camera. After the game, he took the initiative to find Pollack in the locker room, after asking that the data has been verified by Pollack, and really took 100 points in the. But he was worried that Chamberlain would not like to take pictures with him, and Pollack waved his hand and said to him, “don’t worry, Wilt is willing to do anything for me.” If there is no Pollack, there will be no picture, in fact, if there is no Pollack, NBA history will leave more space. Pollack was born in March 9, 1922, served in the Second World War, his first job after returning home is the Philadelphia communique of the evening sports reporter. “At that time, I had a salary of $28 a week,” Pollack recalls. “I needed to earn some extra money, so I worked on the Philadelphia warriors.” 1946 Philadelphia warriors entered BAA, Pollack was hired into a public relations team, responsible for game statistics, since he entered the basketball this line, works for nearly 70 years, until 2015 as NBA unveiled last season employees leave the world. High school, Pollack attended the Philadelphia school in Graz, Simon, basketball is his favorite sport, but because of their short stature can not compete in the professional league, only the curve save the nation. Temple entered the University of Philadelphia, majoring in journalism, Pollack is the school’s five sports teams (football, basketball, tennis, golf, gymnastics) manager, is still a record of College sports. I do not know whether or not to take math A+, Pollack has a natural sensitivity to numbers. The fourth grade, he began to count the data of the basketball game, this habit not only helped him find a job, but also to help NBA a busy day. Joe fulks (Philadelphia warriors) and George Mccann (Minneapolis Lakers) hegemony era, NBA official statistics only scoring, assists and personal fouls, Pollack think this is not enough, he began to play time, rebounds, blocks and steals, failure record player in my notebook, and even the number of blocks such as all kinds of statistics, every year I will come up with something new.” Pollack quite proud of this past. “Really, NBA should hold a personal parade to him,” 76 former general manager pat Williams said, “I have never seen anything like Harvey, then focus on what you do, full of faith and enthusiasm. For many people, the statistics are like a bowl of milk free, hard to swallow breakfast cereal, but in Harvey (Pollack) eyes is a good rib eye steak.” If there is no Pollack, people don’t know how much Chamberlain occupation career got a total rebounds this season, Wesbrook will also be NBA history only a double 30+ three, of course, sooner or later, some people will go to these statistics, but Pollack is almost from the NBA opened the day (1946 should be the first season of BAA the opening, in) without any reference to the case of a person doing these not to mind taking the trouble of tedious work. In those days, every game on the sidelines of Philadelphia warriors are the figure of Pollack, watching the movements of the players on the field he all eyes, also with a hand pencil to keep a record of who was doing what, Chamberlain and Russell NBA60’s hutch hegemony is the main theme of the general concept, people think Russell more than Chamberlain great not only because he led the team to get the championship more, but also because of his defense is stronger than Chamberlain, but also a greater contribution to the team. “No,” Pollack said when it comes to this point, “in my records, Chamberlain’s a lot better than the one Russ cap data.” A few years ago, the Internet has been able to roll out a 112 game statistics Chamberlain cap data statistics, this list comes from the newspaper, coach records and real game video statistics. Many of these games Chamberlain has got at least 10 blocks, and 34 points and 33 rebounds, 20 blocks and 56 points and 35 rebounds, 12 blocks and 24 points and 32 rebounds, 13 assists and 12 blocked shots this is only possible in the game 2K (most of the fans had to resort to modify the data). The 112 games Chamberlain averaged 8.8 blocked shots, unfortunately until Chamberlain retired, no player alliance official statistics cover (Chamberlain retired second years NBA official statistics began the steals and blocks), out of order data from these sources are not officially recognized, incidentally, Pollack insists that Chamberlain won 5 double, unfortunately did not like 100 night stay the same as the deposit certificate. In 1962, the warriors moved to San Francisco and Pollack stayed in Philadelphia. But soon Philadelphia ushered in a new team of 76 people (formerly Syracuse national), Pollack was appointed as team director of media relations, in addition to the interview, write a press release, he love to do the most things or with data PUBLIC SCHOOL X JORDAN HORIZON AJ13 “PSNY” BLACK/WHITE-PURE PLATINUM-ANTHRACITE TOP DEALS 4WXR2KY He was the first person in the history of the League to count the offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds. He is the first statistical positive and negative, shooting distance, playing four points, the number of dunks. In 1980, he created the concept of “three pairs” for “the magician” Johnson, which has been used up to now, and there is no special term to describe the statistical value of the three items, which is more than 10, until Pollack invented the word. Of course, there is a saying that the data is the director of public relations at the time of the Lakers Bruce – created by Jonathan, but the magician had publicly thanked Pollack, he did not thank Joe Nash. These years that NBA data madman, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is recognized as Daniel, Pollack do these things without the computer in ancient times, it is the granddaddy of the thunder? 1987-1988 season, Pollack became the 76 person team statistics supervisor, he began to do a more wonderful thing: the beginning of each season to publish a “Pollack NBA” chronology data. From his offseason to refine all the data upgrade alliance. The chronology of the hundreds of millions of pages (330 pages chronology 2009-2010 years), all data on the pitch you can consider can be found in this chronology (statistics from almost all of the three seconds, even without the ball foul, foul, the delay be arranged) and even a form is single season in the distance the basket every foot (you’re not wrong, is a ruler, from a distance of around 1 feet to 29 feet beyond the maximum number of players shot hit). Not only that, Pollack and his team also made a lot of unique data. You can find NBA in this chronology and who is the father and son, brother; who both took the NCAA champion and won NBA championship; who is left handedness; what are the players in the league has a tattoo on the body; he also counted 50 different injuries, cross contrast and 30 teams in the league and see which team when the season in which parts of the body are the worst players. In a word: only you can not think of the data, there is no statistical data Pollack. Over the years this chronology has been regarded as the Bible by NBA data practitioners. Unfortunately, with the death of Harvey – Pollack, the chronology has been updated. At present, the 76 team is responsible for data statistics Ron – Pollack, his son. Ron in his father’s data team work for 50 years, although he also like Harvey to close every scene, statistics and broadcast data, but he and crazy to “find the video game, a frame by frame playback to count the player shot distance” father than it is still not a small gap. In the end, Harvey had a legend that had nothing to do with NBA: from June 29, 2003, Harvey wore a different T-shirt every day. In June 28, 2010, 7 years, he wore a different T-shirt, Guinness world record, before he died, he sold most of the T-shirt, the money donated to charity. And this may be the best epitome of Harvey’s obsession with data.