[NBA] cousins joined the pelican for 1 wins and 6 losses this level to eight black warriors?

March 9th: the cousins joined the New Orleans pelicans, absolutely called the trade deadline before the shock of alliance transaction. After all, this is the test of both the field and Davies 20+10 super super combination, is still very worth looking forward to. At that time, even some experts believe that Cousins has been to the playoffs even if the pelican, are likely to be inside the strength of the weakness of the Jinzhou warriors staged a “black eight miracle”. However, the test and the combination of Davies, Wang fried combination is just looks beautiful. Since the self join cousins, the pelican team made only 2 wins and 6 losses record. So far, they have 25 wins and 40 negative record ranked Western countdown to the west, the gap is more and more far away from the west of the Nuggets eighth. Ironically, the current team record even worse than Cousins’s old sacramento. Cousins joined the pelican, from the point of personal data, he and Davies still maintained the 20+10 data. But the team’s record is pretty bad. Count the home court against Toronto Raptors game today, cousins have played 7 games on behalf of the pelican. The only 1 wins and 6 negative results. Cousins joined the pelican’s first match was against the third rocket. Finally, the 30 points difference defeat to rivals. And then against the Dallas Mavericks, they also lost by 13 points. In the lost thunder game, Cousins led the technical foul to automatic one game suspension. However, why is he was suspended for this game, but the pelican 26 point advantage to win the piston, let cousins very embarrassed. The first game or game against the Lakers in the pelican Cousins MENS AIR JORDAN 14 RETRO “THUNDER” FOR SALE CHEAP TO BUY DPF54H Although the cousins won two pairs of large, but at the crucial moment six fouls. From the next race, the pelican in March with 10 games remaining, the League each have 5 games. The 25 from March to 28, the pelican suffered three away, the opponent is the rocket, Denver and jazz. In the closing stages of the April, the pelican team will first hit the four home court, then is the four in a row on the road. They are in the final four games of the regular season, away from the Nuggets, warriors, Lakers and blazers. So far, the Nuggets continue to occupy eighth place in the west. The Trail Blazers and the Mavericks followed. The location also ranked in the wolves and the king, if the next team has not been much improved, it is very difficult to reach the playoffs again. Author: Saar tiger