[NBA] bug: Nicks Jackson. This non rotten muskmelon never successful players

April 7th report: “New York post” news, recently, NBA Hall of Famer Rodman voice to the media, a lot of talk about the topic of NBA. Including Nicks and Anthony, said that the failure of the success of the are the responsibility of the president of the Republic of China, Mr. Rodman said that Nicks. “Nicks’s team will never succeed, people always say that” Phil Jackson is fucking garbage, “no, he is not,” said Rodman, “is the players can not match Jackson’s management, Jackson would be the first to let you have a man like this, he will be the first to let you do it BRAND NEW 2016 AIR JORDAN 12 GS “HYPER VIOLET” BLACK/METALLIC GOLD STAR-HYPER VIOLET However, players like Anthony, Nicks and all those players, they call this pressure.” “There is pressure, especially in New York, where they want to win in New York and want to be successful in New York. But they will never succeed in New York. Latter Lammas。 That’s what I said. Even if Anthony is a great player, a great player, he will never succeed in New York. Although this is indeed a great city.” Before today’s game, Nicks this season record is 30 wins and 48 losses. This season they opened high and low, Anthony and Jackson is also the emergence of a variety of contradictions. Two people secretly on social networks also tit for tat. Moreover, the rumors about the transaction Anthony is quite a lot, but because of the Anthony contract has a veto, so it adds to the difficulty of sending him away from the Nicks. Recently, Anthony said he would like to look forward to meeting with the team at the end of the final talks, will be a variety of things to talk about Jackson. Interestingly, a few days ago, Rodman’s former teammate Pippin has said publicly that Nicks is so bad because of the poor management of Jackson, the fundamental problem is not in Anthony, Jackson has proved that he is not a good executive, should be active in class. Author: Qiao Tete