[NBA] President Xiao Hua proposed to improve the draft age

Reported on May 14: NBA Commissioner Adam – Xiao Hua hope can be NBA draft age restrictions on the threshold from 19 years to 20 years, in Japan and the U.S. media sbnation also according to the topic of the discussion, the reporter Matt Alan Tucker said the measures will be implemented to ensure that school-age young players losing millions of dollars. Recently about improve the NBA draft age limit of the topic is heating up again, Adam, President of the League – Xiao Hua previously in an interview with GQ, once asked the this problem: how to look at raising the threshold of draft age, on the outside looking in. This is a of each thing, development of NBA, college basketball game, the players, will be advantageous. Xiao Hua said: this will be some restrictions, and our goal is to build a more excellent League, you have more skilled players, their mentality will be more mature. The quality of the draft will be better, the development of the basketball will be good. College basketball has become strong, the same is good for NBA, these good players will someday eventually enter the NBA, whether they are 19 years old, 20 years old or 21 years old.” However, in the eyes of the American media sbnation reporter Matt Alan Tucker, if the implementation of this policy, the players will have a great impact. Improve the draft threshold, which means that for these young players, there will be a lot of change. University athletes can not like ordinary students, through internships, interviews and other aspects of the work into their fields, they do not have time for a part-time exercise. And NCAA rules, in the university play period can not accept any reward. This means that those who originally can participate in the draft, will have to free for college basketball played for a year, by contrast, in the NBA, they can get hundreds of millions of annual salary. According to statistics, the 2016-17 season’s draft annual salary is $5.9 million, then the amount of the contract is 120% of the proportion of incremental, even if the second round show player, he can get more than $50 million in salary, and those before the age of 19 players, salary only is 0 2017 AIR JORDAN 6 “GREEN GLOW” CEMENT GREY/GREEN GLOW NEW RELEASE A player named Hamilton, the voice of the young man: “I feel into the professional league play for me is the best thing to do. This provides for my family, my family life necessary.” On the financial side, the young players are not willing to wait a year. Also Matt Alan Tucker also presents a point, that is rookie always not good enough, regardless of how old they were, in order to return Xiao Hua so-called, college players to play in the NCAA, will get more exercise of the argument. In 2003, LeBron (18 years old), Chris Bosh (19), Wade (21 years old) in the same season in the draft. Since then they have obtained the several selected all star award and career has received generous contract, however, age is not decided whether they can get the most important factors. Based on the above reasons, Matt Alan Tucker said: “perhaps in the League will to protect the player’s future as a reason, preventing them from entering the league, but the League should also listen to the voice of the outside world, perhaps a rule change is negligible, but the change brought about by the impact is enormous, it will let players loss hundreds of millions of dollars.” Author: Mu Zili