[NBA]LBJ: can carry 1 victory home experts: Knight is asking for the impasse

The Cleveland honest newspaper “expert Terry Pluto author, knights in the finals game 5 of the mentality and the situation of analysis. Pluto that the Cavaliers in the season is a very strange team, so that they encounter the real test to meet the warriors. And the Cavaliers are forced into today 1-3 behind the impasse is they ask for it. The Cavaliers, Lebron Irwin and Kevin – Loew three big star also need to find the best way to win together. Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will be with the mentality of how to play in the fifth World War? They will try to win, and strive to return to the home court finals sixth games. Was the Jinzhou warriors out of Oracle arena, as the Braves several times this season to do the same? The knight might think: “we’re not going to win this year. Let’s finish it.” In the history of NBA, there are 32 teams in the finals suffered 1-3 behind the unfavorable situation. There is no one to win the championship. For the finals 1-3 or 3-1, Lebron I actually encountered such a situation. In the 2014 finals, at that time, Lebron and the Miami heat in the first four war with 1-3 behind the Sanantonio spurs. And the fifth war, they are in the Spurs at home to 87-104 defeat. The game, the score is always very poor. In the 2012 finals, at that time, Lebron and the Miami heat in the first four battle to 3-1 led the Oklahoma City thunder. Then, they in the fifth war with a 121-106 victory over the thunder, the same is a score disparity. The warriors’ home record was amazing. Their regular season at home is 39 wins and 2 losses, while in the playoffs they are at home 10 wins and 1 losses. The Knights are a good team this season, but it’s also very strange. At the beginning of the season, Blatter’s Knight record is 30 wins and 11 losses in the eastern part of the first, but obviously the lack of contact between the players. Subsequently, the Cavaliers fired Blatter righting tyronn lue. The players are very crowded Dailu coach, and the Cavaliers also go very smoothly, until I meet the warriors. Fifth war for the two sides are the biggest test. Warriors coach Cole after the game on the G4 warned the players: G5 will be the most difficult of this series of war. The ending of the war is always very difficult, not to mention you or in the home court, it is even more difficult MENS PUMA FERRARI SHOES WHITE GOLDEN ONLINE MBARJ We need to know, this series is not over yet.” Lebron said, “we are about to go home by air. We might as well go home with a win and go back to our home court.” The Knights are not the same as last year’s finals. In the finals, the Cavaliers did Loew and irwin. However, they are asking for the impasse this season. The best way to find a winning team is the three most talented players in the team. Author: Hu Hu