Wade [NBA] playoff beyond green army legend

Reported on March 16: in today raptors and the heat of the first round of the NBA playoffs G7, Wade left in the third quarter 1 04 seconds at the end by a three-point shot himself in this game of the 14 points, this let his playoff total score to 3779, beyond the green army legend havvlicek grams, ranking rose to a record 11. Havlick career playoffs 3776 points, but he won 3776 altogether 172 ringside, and wade only 166. At present, Wade’s total score of the playoffs ranked players fourth, second only to Duncan, Lebron and Parke. And now NBA playoff history of the top ten are: Jordan, Jabbar, Kobe, O’neal, Lebron, Duncan, Malone – Jerry, West – Larry, Bird – Carle, Parke – Toni. Wade and Parke 106. Author: nihil