[NBA] Obama retired after the NBA team boss? White House spokesman: in the discussion

June 23rd report: ESPN news, U.S PUMA SPEED CAT US SHOES TAN/NAVY TOP DEALS President Barack Obama is about to step down, and his future to do things seem to have been determined, and that is when a NBA team boss. According to the White House spokesman Josh Ernest said that Obama intends to enter the cue ball team boss. It is reported that Obama has been in discussions to join a team of NBA team, as one of the little boss. And it added that Obama would be in the right situation for such a chance. Obama, 54, will leave the White House in January, regardless of his reputation as the president of the United States, he is known for his fascination with sports, especially for basketball. In his political career early, he served as Illinois in accordance with state senators, when he and many other NBA players have to make, still privately and many bulls player to play baseball. In the White House, Obama also built a basketball court, and often in a number of festivals to invite NBA players to play to celebrate. In addition, Obama as president every year should be ESPN invited to participate in the NCAA Tournament against the quiz, but winning is very few. At the end of this year’s NBA finals Seven World War II, Obama was the next plane, in order not to miss the final moments of the key shots, he has been standing on the escalator watching the game. It is worth mentioning that Obama is a Chicago local sports fans. In November last year, Obama in an interview with GQ magazine had expressed his desire to be a NBA team boss, said he was absolutely willing to join a team’s capital side lineup. “I had a dream that I had the chance to build a team. That would be interesting.” In an interview at the time, Obama said, I think this is a great.” Author: Qiao Tete