[NBA] thunder 65-30 wave of the first wave of the flow to thank this person

Beijing time on May 23rd, the thunder in the home court 133-105 victory over the warriors, made the series 2-1 lead. Thunder from the start of the game played a sense of urgency, with a high intensity of defense to interfere with the rhythm and mentality, in the first half to achieve a 25 point lead, and to the third quarter is to expand to more than 40 points. Although the thunder in the first section is the outstanding performance, once the differential opened to 13 points, but the warriors are not has no will to fight, can still tenacious chase points to the second section by a strong lineup once had tied the score. But as Green Adams kicked in the crotch, after being whistled for a foul, the warriors seemed to suddenly lost soul TOP DEALS SUPRA SKYTOP BRIGHT BLUE WHITE MEN’S SHOES In Section 8 minutes and 37 seconds, warrior or 40-40 and thunder tie, Green’s flagrant foul is in 5 minutes and 57 seconds, when the warriors have lagged behind 6 points. And after that, the thunder hit a wave of a wave of 24-5 flow, and naked warriors, performance of green is a mess, in the basket Tonks still endured Durant remember the big hat humiliation. He was the twenty thousand spectators “out” and the huge boos scared? In the past has always been keen confrontational and provocative green disappeared, he lost his cool, in before the end of the first half also sent silly fouls, Wes just dribble a midfielder to hand bet 3 points, green unexpectedly up foul, gratis for WES 3 free throws, and warriors of the backward also reached 25 points. A reporter said, Green that malicious foul obviously affect his mood, he lost the focus, the performance of the stadium also show his heart shaken. Regular season Green was a guest when the thunder when the big trouble changing room, the mood of the break when the break, the roar of a long time, and later came forward to apologize. In the playoffs he lost control, no doubt more fatal to the warriors. Today green at half-time back to the locker room after a manifestation of what is not known, but the warriors after the start of the second half nor reverse the decline, come up with a decent defense limited the thunder to be offensive speed and conversion of each other’s wild child. Thunder’s lead quickly reached 30 points, and then rushed to the 40 points. To the third quarter final 1 minutes and 18 seconds warriors to 72 113 backward in time and thunder has been the wave of super flow to expand the 65-30 (since they began to 48-42 lead), they in this section should boom 45 points, a playoff record in team history. In the end, Steve Cole began to cheer up, sitting on a bench and curitiba. In the fourth quarter became as garbage time, strong warriors of the season in the Western Conference finals in the third game is hit into this appearance, really surprising. Worse, if green because kicked Adams was suspended for one game, that a road can it really hanging, if really 1-3 behind, the advantages of the warrior basic has gone. Author: Kewell