[NBA] Lakers RP outbreak for two consecutive years to protect the cis position

Annual NBA draft lottery conference held today, the season record in the League was the second worst Los Angeles Lakers finally drawn this year’s draft Bangyan sign. This also means that they successfully second years continuously held their own lottery position. And in the choice of who on this issue, they will also be difficult to the Philadelphia 76 team to consider. Because in this session of the draft, the Simmons and Brandon Ingram’s voice is far higher than other rookie, two people can be said to have locked the champion and second place. And the Lakers only need to choose Simmons and Ingram two people were the 76 team pick the rest that can be. In 2012, when the Lakers took a gamble, they build “Kobe and Pau, and Howard and Nash’s super luxury lineup CUSTOMER REVIEWS FOR NIKE FREE 5.0 V4 RED ONLINE In order to get Nash from the Phoenix Suns, they sent the future multiple draft picks, including the a lottery pick. In accordance with the provisions of the agreement at the time of the transaction, the pick in 2015 is before the overall protection in this year and next year are first three cis position protection, by 2018 will is not protected. Since then, this draft is in February 20, 2015 of a transaction by the Feinikesi suns team to the 76 team. At that time, the sun, the bucks and the 76ers completed a three-way deal, 76 person of Michael Carter Williams was sent to the Bucks, Milwaukee master Brandon knight is traded to the Suns, 76 people is from the sun has been Lakers first round draft picks. Last season, the Lakers kept their draft picks and finally chose the young point guard Russell. And this season, if the Lakers of the cis position fell out of the top three to give 76 person of team, which is Colangelo, President of the Philadelphia 76ers had released the wind, said if there are two lottery show if the transaction would be among them a reason. Fortunately, however, the Lakers held their draft picks again this year. And in the choice of what the players, the Lakers do not have much to worry about the place. In this session of the general assembly of the draft, from to LSU the Simmons and from the Duke of Brandon Ingram strength obviously than other session players win a chip. They are also among the two players who are considered to be the most likely to grow into a superstar. Prior to this, there have been news reports, the Simmons team hopes his players to be more broad market team selected by the lakers. And Ingram had participated in the trial, he in a trial also accepted the including Mitch Kupchak Lakers team management interview, and leave them with a very deep impression. Author: Hu Hu