[NBA] Cole was the beautiful daughter of Cleveland G4 elbows to the head to wear a helmet?

On June 9 reported: the NBA Finals for the third war, the Golden State Warriors on the road encountered the Cleveland Cavaliers hit, they eventually 90-120 defeat 30 points. This is a very physical game. The desire is more intense, more play tough knights in the number of rebounds on 52-32 for 20 more wins. In the game Warriors team general clay Thompson was Cavaliers big men inside mozgov gored, once leave treatment. While on the sidelines, the warriors coach Cole’s daughter was also the Cavs fans elbow. First of all, someone on the social media released a message saying: “thank you for the fans. The Knights are fans in order to compete for a T-shirt and elbowed Marty Cole’s head in the game. We all know that this is intentional.” Cole’s wife, Cole Margot, forwarded this message and said, “thank you.”! We all know that we used to live here in the past.” Coach Cole in personal career really also once for the Cleveland Cavaliers played, so his family had here lived a period of time. Obviously, the Knights of the fans seem to have some positive over the. Of course, we do not rule out that it is just a competition for the shirt and no intention to make the action. Because the next game will continue to be held in Cleveland. There are American media quipped: “seems series game 4, warriors fans can get to wear a helmet and watch the game before.” The warriors star Klein – Thompson become a victim in this game. He at once with anti Irwin in the process by the Cavaliers inside general Mozgov top injury. However, after a brief return to the dressing room for treatment, Thompson has returned to the game on the field. In fact, as early as before the knights to come home to play, the warriors will know these two games will be very difficult ASICS GEL KAYANO TRAINER EVO WOMENS BLACK FRIDAY SALE20161539 AUTHENTIC Drummond – Green has said that we all know this two away from home is the most difficult part of the whole series. Therefore, it is absolutely not be taken lightly. Clay Thompson in an interview also expressed the same view. Since 1964, Cleveland never won any of the major sports championship. So the knight fans really want to champion. Thompson said that the shortage of experienced decades of champions, the Cleveland fans will hunger feels dye in the wood: “knight team will certainly counterattack, and the Cavs fans is hungry feels dye in the wood. Cleveland fans were not so friendly, but it also never mind. That will make the game much more interesting.” Author: Hu Hu