[NBA] Green: Cole like snake didn’t want him to fall so absolutely invincible Warrior

Zhang Qiang, Oakland, May 1st: “if we play like this, no matter who stands in our game, the game can not play, the end of the RAY BAN RB3025 AVIATOR SUNGLASSES ARISTA FRAME G 15 XLT LENS FOR SALE ” Warrior Green mouth said, confident. Local time at noon on April 30th, the warriors held training for two days after the Jazz playoffs. Green is on the state of the team is satisfied, he said if the team in accordance with the first round play, especially the fourth game focus, so absolutely invincible, “if we keep that focus, completely into the game, we don’t care who the opponent is, we can win every game.” On the day of training, is still assistant coach Mike – Brown sits, coach, because of the back pain caused by the continuation of the absence of the sequelae of Cole. A reporter asked the manager is not in, whether that means like him team leaders need to assume more responsibility, Green nodded, “Steve (Cole) is our leader, is like a snake’s head, we don’t want him to fall. But since it happened, we didn’t want to let our dreams come to nothing, and now Mike is doing his job. For me, of course, need to take more responsibility.” Such a responsibility in Green’s view, is to invest more in the defensive end, with more energy to infection and inspire their teammates. “The defense is more important things, we need to put into it, for me, I am more proud of the defense, if you try to defend hard scraping and lost the ball, it can be infected with teammates.” Author: Zhang Qiang