[NBA] draft did not carry out the champion has been finalized to expose 76 people will choose to determine the choice of Simmons

ESPN, 2016 NBA draft will be in Beijing time on Friday, insider to ESPN name remember Brian the Horst revealed, Philadelphia has informed the Simmons team, they will in the draft with the champion choice to sign the Simmons. On Tuesday morning, local time, Simmons in Philadelphia in the trial of 76 people, this is him before the draft for the first and only a trial. Insider told ESPN reporter – mark Steyn. The trial clearly shows that Simmons and his agent ridge – Paul got the promise of 76 people, if there is no such a commitment, Paul is won’t consent to Simmons to participate in the trial of 76 people LASTEST MEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 2016 Simmons Tuesday on ESPN “Sports Center” column said in an interview, he introduced himself to philadelphia. Insider revealed 76 people on June 17 and Simmons were for the first time in the face to face communication, when the team general manager Brian – Colangelo and coach Brett brown and some other team officials in Cleveland and Simmons and Paul met. The meeting 76 people got Simmons’s medical monitoring report, the 19 year old genius physical condition has a detailed understanding. Simmons had refused an invitation to trial with 76 people Colangelo said at the time that won’t stop the team Simmons the Sixers since since 1985 for the second time in the draft election champion, in 1996 they picked Allen Iverson. In 1986, 76 people will be in the hands of the champion signed a deal out of the. Author: Haozi