[NBA]19 season career ended! Every 2+1 song hugs teammates truth farewell

May 1st report: the Clippers at home to the end of the G7 jazz, clippers 91-104 lost, 3-4 out, for Pearce, this is his NBA career farewell battle. He has 6 points and 3 rebounds in the last 22 minutes. Pearce in the NBA campaign has 19 seasons, for him, all kinds of scenes have seen. Grab seven of the pressure is not what. Today, he is still hard in his playing time to play defensive value, such as Joe Johnson, the truth of the performance is very awesome, as long as he is single, “Choe” shot is not always, even in the corner to throw a big bridge. The last game, Paul told Pearce, your career will not end in Utah, and ultimately the Clippers really took the G6, the game into the grab seven. In fact, in the heart of Pearce, he did not want to continue to gallop? The second half played less than 2 minutes, Pearce came off the bench soon, he was on the offensive organization for the young Jordan to create opportunities, this one is the key cause of Goebel’s personal crime fourth. And then, it is Pearce, his 3 points outside the line, the Clippers looked at the potential, but back to the defense, but also to send a Dior 2+1 opportunity, Pearce is also quite depressed CONVERSE ALL STAR PLAID LOW SNEAKER BLACK RED SHOES TOP DEALS A4WR8 The Reddick condition is poor, the other players also suck the clippers, also the scoring burden to Pearce at the age of 39. No way, Pearce only to try to carry on the shoulder of the clippers. He did give Jazz trouble, third clippers once to narrow the difference to 10 minutes, Pearce has made important contributions, including one of his 2+1, quite Tishi gas. The distal Pearce few scenes, Crawford opens the Savior mode, the Clippers struggled, eventually no comeback, jazz is widening difference, keep the advantages of 10+, finally the clippers were eliminated. The game last less than half a minute, the clippers have been defeated, the field of Pearce stood up and teammates hug. As early as the beginning of the season, he announced that this season is his last season, therefore, today’s grab seven is the last battle of Pearce NBA, unfortunately, he ended his career in such a way NBA. Author: Qiao Tete