[NBA] Cuban tweeted exposing suspended standard changes mocking friends: acid also won the championship

On June 14 reported: today, the knight in warriors home success continued life, final Zhuizhi the score 2 more than 3, championship suddenly suspense after another. Lebron and Irwin have entered the “mode, both scored 41 points NEW AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO LOW “GREEN SNAKESKIN” CHEAP TO BUY Especially Lebron, his shot no longer struggle, three ball 8 in 4 for his name. However, there are many people believe that the Cavs win is not complete, because opponents inside the core of green was suspended. His cover, coordinate and defense is can not be replaced by other people. After the game, the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on twitter posted a 20 seconds of video, the content is the 2006 finals some vicious foul. The first segment, Nowitzki layup was Udonis Haslem and O’Neal recline on the spot; the second fragment, O’Neal dunk was tackled Stackhouse Lazio in; since there are a number of players on both sides are vicious foul fragment looks really shocking. He asks: “10 years ago, here, which will lead to a foul suspended?” Anyone can see, Cuban sent the twitter affirmation and Green was suspended for. A netizen said: “Green.” Because green is the evil committed integral to the number to be suspended the, if he was able to restrain myself, will not handle, but will not be suspended, a brave man, maybe it will rely on the home of coronation. There are users directly to the point of Cuban: “dude, you have won the championship, and not sure why you are so sour.” Cuban replied, “I’m not sour at all.”. Just show you the difference between the time and the present.” Of course, Cuban may be in avenge their team. After all, he had previously admit, he is knight won the support, because Dallas and Miami finals, the Cavs fans support a calf. From 2006 to now, only two players were suspended in the finals. The first is 06 years of the Mavericks Stackhouse, the other is this year’s Green – Drummond. In Tucker Moorhouse’s suspension, Cuban is in the video for O’neal’s vicious foul. The battle of king mountain, lost six calves to 100 than 101 regret negative, this series trend reversal. And Jeangreen was suspended for the, “only” is a cut crotch — perhaps the action nature of worse, but the players do not do as much damage as Stackhouse that action. Perhaps, Cuban just for when his team an injustice, but on the occasion of the sensitive period, the fans inevitably to the video and a green ban together. 10 years ago to encourage physical confrontation, or now more to encourage physical confrontation? Now the standard is more stringent ban? This problem is ultimately different views. Author: Small Red Army