[NBA] Harden Khloe left the nightclub again with doubt

Rockets have officially ended their march on the season since the Houston Rockets lost to the Jinzhou warriors in the first round of the playoffs. While the Rockets star James harden also began to appear frequently in each city of the famous nightclub, opened up another battlefield. Interestingly, many nightclubs to harden, this time will inevitably encounter an old lover. According to the well-known gossip media TMZ reports, local time on Friday night, harden to is located in West Hollywood, a name is called the Henry’s famous nightclub play. But here he met his former girlfriend Kardashian Kohler. Although the look is not particularly clear, but TMZ said, Kohler finally suspected harden and left together. Although the game was over, but harden every night and never stopped their journey. But he will be completely transferred to the battlefield in the nightclub. According to previous reports, harden has been photographed with a variety of young women out of different club places. This one night, he went to the West Hollywood a famous nightclub named Henry’s. At the same time, harden’s ex girlfriend Khloe Kardashian also and his sister Courtney Kardashian and Kelly – Jenna came to the the nightclub. Harden and Kohler in the summer of last year to determine the relationship. Since two people together frequently appeared in major public occasions, often to a high-profile show of affection MEN’S NIKE SHOX MONSTER SHOES WHITE/GREY/BLUE TOP DEALS Just when people thought that the couple really can form a Zhengguo, Kohler’s ex husband Lamar Odom suddenly in a brothel due to an overdose of drugs and was rushed to hospital, once was in danger. Kohler decided to leave Haddon, rushed to the hospital to take care of Odom. Odom’s intervention, let between three people caught in a love triangle with a melodramatic, for Khloe Kardashian earned enough attention. But it also makes the relationship between harden and Kohler gradually cracks. In the end, two people’s love to break up. After the break-up, Harden wasn’t talking about yourself and what Kohler. But Kohler is not willing to pass up the opportunity to speculation, she had in the program wantonly exposure split is actually because harden derailed prior, and said he has mastered the evidence of harden derailed. After the break-up, although not always harden the lack of female partners, but did not find a steady girlfriend. Kohler also did not return to Odom. Although Kohler also once NBA star Brandon Jennings and spread over the scandal, but she quickly followed this strongly denied. This time the club again, do not know whether it will harden and Kohler old ablaze. While the TMZ reporter saw harden when left also follow which took a young woman wearing a black skirt. The woman from the body looks quite similar to Kohler. However, TMZ does not completely determine whether Kohler is harden away. Author: Hu Hu