[NBA] 9 in 0 world still cut 27+12 ghosts assists tonight he is a magician

May 8th: the NBA playoffs continue, Eastern semi-final Game 4, the Wizards home court against celtic. The Wizards core defender John Waldo scored 27 points and 12 assists and 5 steals, is the most dazzling role. As the Wizards doing my number one star, Waldo performance determines the success or failure of the wizards. The first round of his irresistible. All 6 Eagles outside, averaging 29.5 points and 10.7 assists, is the best player in the first round. However, in the first two second round he was completely overshadowed by Thomas light, two 20+16 and 40+13 looks good, but it is the last moment is misfiring, the Celtics opened the score. Fortunately, the third field wall to give up personal attack, although only 24 points and 8 assists, but in the overall view and control field victory over Thomas, also let the Wizards pulled one back. But the Wizards of the first section is quite unfavorable, especially for the wall is very much: Although he sent a single 3 assists, but whether it is a breakthrough in the field or hit no hit. The first section of the 5 cast a total loss of a missed. He played in the doldrums, the first three games of the first quarter of the average of the Wizards of the first quarter of this year, only got a score of 20, very passive. But after all, Wal Mart, in the second quarter, after a break of 3 minutes, he continued decisive shot. Although the first 4 shots is still not in the top 9 for 0, but he used a hit in the distance to enhance self-confidence, is also a strong counterattack breakthrough. And in the middle of the second quarter, wal gave the best shot of the game: he took a step off the pace of Thomas, in situ gyro turn, but do not look at the back of the basket to the rear of the crowd, the latter easily put the ball into the. I feel full after an attack, before the end of the second quarter was selected in three from a step off, hit the ball dropped! The first section of the second section does not score, scored 14 points. But the real highlight is still in the third quarter: the Celtics even after taking the 5 points, wizards spent half a day out of a wave of 26-0 WOMEN’S PUMA SF PACE CAT II IN BLACK-WHITE SUPER DEALS No doubt the team is still driving the wall. The error counter hit the conversion for him is the most handy: whether it is Potter, Bill or Gortat, have benefited from the world assists, easily dunk or layup unguarded – wal balk hang suddenly to Gortat, the latter was completely emptied, easily put into. This wizard 13 voted in the middle of the year, there are 26 points from the use of mistakes in the back of the fight against the wall, and not only assists, but also contributed to a difficult 2+1. Only in the third quarter, wall again contributed 13 points and 5 assists. In the fourth quarter, he took the initiative to his teammates to do the ball, assists easily on the double. The second section of wall by teammate for the rest of the time, enjoy the treatment of garbage, like a wall, picking up the wizards, a back again. The game played 36 minutes in the game, he scored a total of 25 shots, free throws in the 9 of the 9 scored 27 points and 12 assists and 5 steals. Not only gorgeous assists, ghosts of the breakthrough in the third quarter of the wave of strong tide, played the role of the commander’s, this is the wal wizards fans and management expectations, and his magnificent performances, let this series tie, the game also look better. Author: Li more