[NBA] Weiss PK star is only 25% low water

Reported on May 14: Western final looming, ESPN through data interpretation of the warrior and the thunder of war, the following details: historical perspective from thunder from Seattle to relocate to Oklahoma City. This is thunder and the warriors for the first time in the playoff experience. The last time the two teams met in the playoffs, the thunder also called supersonic, in 1992 the first round of the playoffs they defeated the warriors, and in 1975 the first half of the game, the warriors defeated the supersonic. Warriors are trying to fight for second consecutive years in the finals, they last for two consecutive years to enter the finals is in the 1946-47 season and 1947-48 season, when they also called the Philadelphia warriors. The thunder is the fourth season to enter the 6 season finals. Star competition this is star studded series, Stephen curry (2 times) and Kevin Durant is nearly 3 years of regular season MVP. Curry, Wes and Kevin Durant (4 times) got a total of six scoring, curry, Thompson, Greene, Kevin Durant and Wes are selected for the this year’s all star game. The season produced a total of six West player of the Month award, the warriors and thunder swept the five of them. 3 regular season games, swept the thunder warrior, Curitiba, performance is very strong. The first time he played, he scored 50 points and assists. Second games, he hit the winning three points in overtime, eventually scored 46 points and NBA record 12 three points. Third times against, he scored 33 points, of which 11 points from the last 4 minutes of the game 30 seconds, he scored more than thunder team. Library inside the thunder averaged 35 points, is in the face of the thunder field are the highest scoring player, he most of the time to face the Weiss defense. The thunder can bite the warriors in fact regular season three times fights, three quarters of thunder or can planish with warriors, or leading. But the thunder always died last stage, such as played for the first time, the game is over 3 minutes and 30 seconds before the two sides draw, but the warriors with 12 more than 4 ending. Second grips, distal end of 4 minutes and 51 seconds thunder to an 11 point lead was rival dragged into overtime, overtime they had leading 5 was brutally quasi lore. Third fight the thunder into the distal 1 points ahead, but with a net negative 16 points PD453508ZZ PANDORA SANTA CHARM AUTHENTIC Weiss struggled to fight the warriors, but Durant did not solve the Weiss in the face of the warriors are 25 points but the hit rate of only 34.7%. Half brothers face water trench warfare defense, Weiss shot 10 of 40. Especially the dribble shot, he faced the splash 33 throw in 7, of which only 3 shots without interference. In the fight back in the 12 Weiss 8 shot down 21 points. And Durant is no solution state, he faced the warriors are 36 points, hit rate of 52.9%, three points hit rate of 47.6%, no one can put Durant’s hit rate of 5 into the following. Unlike Weiss, Durant face defense dribble shooting sight is extremely high, 35 voted 16 in more than 45% star. In addition, Weiss’s mistakes will be the key to control, the regular season when he did not miss more than 5 times, thunder 43 wins and 14 losses. And when he misses more than 5 times, thunder 12 wins and 11 losses. Author: SK