[NBA] Kwame Brown: Kobe Jordan is the kind of people he can play streetball averaged 80 points

May 1st: by a retired star organization Big soon opened 3 streetball League. Recently, they conducted a “draft”, by the coach to select players. To participate in the Big 3 are basically familiar faces, and to be selected in the fifth overall, but also has been a lot of fans to discuss the 2001 show champion Kwame Brown. He told his former teammates in the Lakers Smush Parke participated in 3 games Big. In an interview, Brown was inevitably asked about his two most famous former teammates, Kobe and the president of the United States and the United states. Brown was Jordan pick in the draft, but in a MJ career began to be mad, completely not a potential champion; so he went to the Lakers, but also for the day, Kobe to his teammates demanding, he had no sympathy for jackson. But for Brown, it’s all over, and when it comes to Kobe and Jordan, they’re just kind of people. They are a kind of person, very powerful, whether it is on the pitch or the market, they will go all out. MJ, at the age of 39, had to adhere to the training of knee swelling. From the point of view of basketball, I think they are the greatest players.” Brown said. Asked if Kobe would play the Big 3 league, Brown said with a smile: “I think he got 80 points.” Parke said in an interview, he believes he has the ability to play in the NBA, although has bid farewell to NBA nearly 10 years. He left the Lakers with Kobe, and when it comes to the Lakers, he deliberately missed the name of Kobe. “We were very interesting team, I enjoy in Phil’s play, enjoy with Luke (Walton), Lamar (Odom) as teammates, we were there Kwame, Blaine (Cook), then the game is really exciting, I enjoy playing in Losangeles.” He said HOT CONVERSE ALL STAR CITY LIGHTS BROWN TOPS LEATHER CHUCK TAYLOR CANVAS SNEAKERS Author: Kewell