[NBA] Lu: Knight win than I in the 2 major league opener will not focus

October 25th: the last season, the young talent – coach Lu Jizhong knight, then lead the team won the first championship in team history, outstanding performance. Today, in an interview, Lu said that in order to win the title of the knight, the significance is greater than before he was a player when the championship. “This championship is more meaningful, because all I had to experience it all,” Lu said, “but I think the Lakers, I got two championship there, then we are the favourites, but the finals last season, we entered a not to be optimistic about the identity, and 1-3 behind, after the second half of the season, all of these things, the team also experienced all this, the championship for me is more significant than the previous two.” When it comes to opening day to celebrate the championship ceremony, Lu said: “the Cleveland sports will be a great day is a great day for this state of Ohio, I was excited about tomorrow.” Lu also joked, he said, that focus on the game really not easy, however, if the players don’t win the energy concentration of words, he will not win other new players have to play the game. Knight new season opener opponent is Nicks. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the knight announced today that they have cut veteran Dahntay Jones in the team, that is to say, the current temporary entered the list of Knight Liggins, Lu Li Jinsi praised from time to time in training camp in the performance. Author: Qiao Tete