[NBA] melon: want to play 20 years & not to see the playoffs

Reported on May 22: Robert Parish, Kevin Willis, Kevin Garnett, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Kobe, they are at least 20 year veteran of the League campaign, can achieve this success also the five. For 20 years, it seems that it is quite long, even as steady as a star Stockton have not reached such an achievement. Now, Anthony Carmelo wants to join the group. “I think I am at the peak of my career and I have been in the League for years,” Anthony told CNBC television MEN’S NIKE SHOX MONSTER SHOES BLACK/SILVER CHEAP TO BUY “I saw some people playing in the League for 20 years. This is my goal – to play in the League for 20 years.” Anthony, aged 31, has just finished his thirteenth season NBA career. If he wants to play in the League for 20 years, when he retired, it is already 38 years old “. His entire career small injury minor ailments continued, however, he has 12 seasons the match screenings in 55 games (and starting) above, attendance is fairly good. The only exception is the 2014-2015 season, when he suffered a knee injury to surgery, and therefore missed about half a season. If you want to achieve this goal, Anthony’s durability is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he years like a day to maintain stable attendance rate for him to reach this goal, but hurt less means little rest, body load will be a corresponding increase, which also late career health buried hidden dangers. However, for Anthony himself, he still wants to play a few games. Because since he entered the league, is with the title of “the playoffs moron” established a close contact, 13 year career, he only played 66 games, playing only a subarea finals. And his peers, the draft lead his two signed James – Lebron, now playing 188 playoff – this figure is still rising, the 6 into the finals, won the two championship. From the year of a moment Titans to today’s clouds and mud, Anthony see in the eyes of the anxious heart. “I need to go to the playoffs site, I was anxious to look at them,” said Anthony, “sometimes I have to close the TV, because feisty soul and jump off.” If Anthony really play 20 years, his “feisty spirit” will continue for 7 years. Now the bigger question is, can Anthony in the end be able to get a place in the playoffs? Author: Small Red Army