[NBA] anchor: Lebron difficult single field 45 points he is no longer a A+ superstar

June 8, reported: two finishes in the NBA finals before, poor rider, and LeBron is not showing his dominance, which makes people suspect a problem: LeBron is the peak has passed. FOX famous sports anchor Colin Kauhad said today that Lebron is no longer had the absolute superstar. Although he in the playoffs in midfield are also can with 24.1 points, 8.8 rebounds, 7 2016 AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO “PSNY” DARK GREY/DARY GREY-BLACK HOT 3 assists and finals also averaging 21 points for Houston, but in the past, people is in the evaluation on him with the status of one of the greatest players in history, the performance of these has apparently does not match the. “He’s not as influential as he used to be in the past.” Cowherd said. “And, of course, I did not see the end of an era — LeBron will stay in this league to play, but he reminded me that you can’t see him a game boom 45 points, those days are over.” In fact, this season Lebron in the regular season than last season’s data is still small, such as shooting percentage, 52% of the season, last season 48.8%. But compared with the warriors played a season of epic star curry, Lebron apparently under the shadow of the other. “I still believe that Lebron is still the MVP of the league. But the sport in change, although he was also trying to change, but he is no longer a a + level scorer, a + class defender, a + level, etc.. Everything is no longer a A+ class. He’s really a A- to B+ player right now. He’s no longer Superman, he’s Batman.” Kauhad said. Author: Qiao Tete