[NBA] spurs reverse Blazers took 4 straight 18+5 Parke McCollum cut 29 points

December 31st: the Sanantonio Spurs (27 – 6) to victory in the home court. Simmons scored 19 points, Parke and Green each had 18 points, they led the team to the two wave of attack climax staged a comeback in the second half, they catch up from behind the Blazers to a 110-94 win over Portland in the home court (14 – 21). The Spurs got 4 in a row. Simmons scored 19 points and 3 rebounds for the Spurs, with a score of 18 points and a second aid, with a score of 18 points for the Lakers, with a score of about $and a total of 7 rebounds for the team, with a total of 10 points and a total of 7 rebounds for the team, with a total of up to $and a total of rebounds for the team, with a total of 14 points and a total of 5 rebounds. The Blazers McCollum scored 29 points, 12 points Hakelaisi, Crabbe scored 11 points, Plum Leigh had 8 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds. The Spurs continue to Leonard absent, the Blazers are lack of game. After the start of the 9 level, after the McCollum hit the 11 level of three points, he led the team to get even with a score of 10, the Blazers opened the scoring lead. Green led the team to hit three points even after 5 minutes, Hakelaisi responded with three points, Napier scored two goals, the first section there are 3 minutes when the Blazers to lead 28-16. Simmons and Lee teamed up 6 points, and even scored a score of 4, the Blazers to 32-22 lead to the end of the first quarter of 10 points in. The second day after the start of the two teams each score, Davies dunk, McCollum two free throws in this section for 5 minutes when the Blazers to lead 40-27. Ginobbi using three ball to stop bleeding, after the two sides to play several offensive fouls, Simmons four free throws, Anderson hit a jumper, 2 minutes and 40 seconds before halftime when the Spurs to 42-47. Plumlee dunk to stabilize the situation, the three points in Green, Gasol two free throws, 3 points behind the spurs. McCollum break layup, zhanba half Blazers 52-47 lead with 5 points. The Blazers in the first half McCollum had 15 points, Hakelaisi scored 10 points; Green spurs scored 9 points, Simmons got 8 points. McCollum jumper opened the third festival scene, Green hit three points led the team to win the 7 points tied. Clubb hit two goals led the team once again lead the teams, after each score, Ginobili came off the bench with 5 points is bright, Simmons also hit three points, they led the team to 10-0 against the wave, the third section there are 3 minutes when the Spurs lead to 74-67 MEN’S NIKE SHOX NZ SHOES BLACK/GOLD LASTEST McCollum’s three successful singles after nearly the score, Mills hit the two ball, Lee turned and hit a jumper at the end of the three quarter, the Spurs lead to 80-73 7. The Spurs offensive continued in the fourth quarter, Simmons and Green hit three points, they led the team to start to 13-4 run, the Spurs lead to 93-77 16. Plumlee throws two balls, Anderson and Parke teamed up with 4 points, 18 points to open the gap between the two sides. Clubb hit back three points, Parke offensive no worse, he even scored a total of 5 points, the second quarter and 4 minutes and 35 seconds when the Spurs to 104-84 lead by 20 points in the. Big gap to allow the game to lose the suspense in advance, the two sides have replaced the Spurs to win 110-94. The Blazers starting lineup: McCollum, Crabbe, Haq Les, Aminu, Plumlee spurs starting lineup: Parke, Green, Anderson, Aldridge, Gasol Author: Xiao Liu