[NBA] harden state returns to normal and takes 28+5+12 single wave flow away Spurs

May 8th report: Beijing time on May 8th, the Rockets home to 125-104 victory over the Spurs, the total score of 2-2. Harden 18 games in the game, scored a total of 28 points and 5 rebounds, assists, including the 12 quarter of his brother personally scored a single goal of 11 points and 5 assists, led the city took a wave of spurs away from the Spurs in the third quarter. The Spurs last game, harden audience scored 43 points, but failed to help the team to hold home court. For this brother stand, must take the first four games. The reason is very simple, once again fall home court is probably doomed eternally. So in the game, harden exceptionally hard performance, almost all the way out. Half finished, but the Rockets 4 points ahead, easy to fight again just started, will harden manufacturing pengci two free throws, then Ariza sent assists. The ball hit, two points difference to pull to two digits. Murray surprise pick basket, harden immediately respond to outside, Zhang hand is a long shot. The ball, the Spurs to stop playing. But Popovich just called after the pause, and harden on the outside is called a bow and arrow through the clouds, to meet thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers find the feeling of climbing, brother, this is a trend which cannot be halted. Followed by harden and Ariza sent assists, the latter three points. Half of the time, the rocket will be extended to 15 points advantage. Crazy assists the continuation of the day with 5 minutes 42 seconds, or harden sent pass, it was the turn of Gordon soared in three minutes. Spurs seem to want to resist, so Harden will use practical action to tell the opponent the advantage of the Rockets can not shake. He uses Anderson assists, and then in a corner three day long shots, fighting to the ending, or harden assists, Anderson hit a buzzer shot JOE JOHNSON UTAH JAZZ NEW SWINGMAN GREEN ALTERNATE JERSEY Single inventory, harden hit 3 record long-range, individual single section to get a score of 5 assists, can be described as Carry game. After three day, the Rockets with 15 points ahead, which means that the team can be in a relaxed state of mind, to face the paratelum battle. Before the end of the game 8 minutes 11 seconds, harden was re substitute, just play he spoils, in the face of the defense case, harden slight adjustment, direct pull shot long-range, so-called Daredevil, is even defensive lie in front of you, can also blow hit. With 28 points and 5 rebounds in the game and a 12 assists, harden played a perfect game. And the success of the team to play, so that the Rockets are excited, in addition to harden, Anderson, Ariza, Beverly, small Gordon and Williams, scored all double. In addition, when Harden on the court, 28 rival rocket player, this is a very good data, enough to show that Harden for the game’s dominance. Such a victory, Harden also made a good mood, when the camera moves to paratelum when his brother to smile. With the total score of 2-2, the Rockets will embark on the journey, they can in the holy city, to get another victory? Author: LEON