[NBA] harden state returns to normal and takes 28+5+12 single wave flow away Spurs

May 8th report: Beijing time on May 8th, the Rockets home to 125-104 victory over the Spurs, the total score of 2-2. Harden 18 games in the game, scored a total of 28 points and 5 rebounds, assists, including the 12 quarter of his brother personally scored a single goal of 11 points and 5 assists, led the city took a wave of spurs away from the Spurs in the third quarter. The Spurs last game, harden audience scored 43 points, but failed to help the team to hold home court. For this brother stand, must take the first four games. The reason is very simple, once again fall home court is probably doomed eternally. So in the game, harden exceptionally hard performance, almost all the way out. Half finished, but the Rockets 4 points ahead, easy to fight again just started, will harden manufacturing pengci two free throws, then Ariza sent assists. The ball hit, two points difference to pull to two digits. Murray surprise pick basket, harden immediately respond to outside, Zhang hand is a long shot. The ball, the Spurs to stop playing. But Popovich just called after the pause, and harden on the outside is called a bow and arrow through the clouds, to meet thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers find the feeling of climbing, brother, this is a trend which cannot be halted. Followed by harden and Ariza sent assists, the latter three points. Half of the time, the rocket will be extended to 15 points advantage. Crazy assists the continuation of the day with 5 minutes 42 seconds, or harden sent pass, it was the turn of Gordon soared in three minutes. Spurs seem to want to resist, so Harden will use practical action to tell the opponent the advantage of the Rockets can not shake. He uses Anderson assists, and then in a corner three day long shots, fighting to the ending, or harden assists, Anderson hit a buzzer shot JOE JOHNSON UTAH JAZZ NEW SWINGMAN GREEN ALTERNATE JERSEY Single inventory, harden hit 3 record long-range, individual single section to get a score of 5 assists, can be described as Carry game. After three day, the Rockets with 15 points ahead, which means that the team can be in a relaxed state of mind, to face the paratelum battle. Before the end of the game 8 minutes 11 seconds, harden was re substitute, just play he spoils, in the face of the defense case, harden slight adjustment, direct pull shot long-range, so-called Daredevil, is even defensive lie in front of you, can also blow hit. With 28 points and 5 rebounds in the game and a 12 assists, harden played a perfect game. And the success of the team to play, so that the Rockets are excited, in addition to harden, Anderson, Ariza, Beverly, small Gordon and Williams, scored all double. In addition, when Harden on the court, 28 rival rocket player, this is a very good data, enough to show that Harden for the game’s dominance. Such a victory, Harden also made a good mood, when the camera moves to paratelum when his brother to smile. With the total score of 2-2, the Rockets will embark on the journey, they can in the holy city, to get another victory? Author: LEON


[NBA] spurs reverse Blazers took 4 straight 18+5 Parke McCollum cut 29 points

December 31st: the Sanantonio Spurs (27 – 6) to victory in the home court. Simmons scored 19 points, Parke and Green each had 18 points, they led the team to the two wave of attack climax staged a comeback in the second half, they catch up from behind the Blazers to a 110-94 win over Portland in the home court (14 – 21). The Spurs got 4 in a row. Simmons scored 19 points and 3 rebounds for the Spurs, with a score of 18 points and a second aid, with a score of 18 points for the Lakers, with a score of about $and a total of 7 rebounds for the team, with a total of 10 points and a total of 7 rebounds for the team, with a total of up to $and a total of rebounds for the team, with a total of 14 points and a total of 5 rebounds. The Blazers McCollum scored 29 points, 12 points Hakelaisi, Crabbe scored 11 points, Plum Leigh had 8 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds. The Spurs continue to Leonard absent, the Blazers are lack of game. After the start of the 9 level, after the McCollum hit the 11 level of three points, he led the team to get even with a score of 10, the Blazers opened the scoring lead. Green led the team to hit three points even after 5 minutes, Hakelaisi responded with three points, Napier scored two goals, the first section there are 3 minutes when the Blazers to lead 28-16. Simmons and Lee teamed up 6 points, and even scored a score of 4, the Blazers to 32-22 lead to the end of the first quarter of 10 points in. The second day after the start of the two teams each score, Davies dunk, McCollum two free throws in this section for 5 minutes when the Blazers to lead 40-27. Ginobbi using three ball to stop bleeding, after the two sides to play several offensive fouls, Simmons four free throws, Anderson hit a jumper, 2 minutes and 40 seconds before halftime when the Spurs to 42-47. Plumlee dunk to stabilize the situation, the three points in Green, Gasol two free throws, 3 points behind the spurs. McCollum break layup, zhanba half Blazers 52-47 lead with 5 points. The Blazers in the first half McCollum had 15 points, Hakelaisi scored 10 points; Green spurs scored 9 points, Simmons got 8 points. McCollum jumper opened the third festival scene, Green hit three points led the team to win the 7 points tied. Clubb hit two goals led the team once again lead the teams, after each score, Ginobili came off the bench with 5 points is bright, Simmons also hit three points, they led the team to 10-0 against the wave, the third section there are 3 minutes when the Spurs lead to 74-67 MEN’S NIKE SHOX NZ SHOES BLACK/GOLD LASTEST McCollum’s three successful singles after nearly the score, Mills hit the two ball, Lee turned and hit a jumper at the end of the three quarter, the Spurs lead to 80-73 7. The Spurs offensive continued in the fourth quarter, Simmons and Green hit three points, they led the team to start to 13-4 run, the Spurs lead to 93-77 16. Plumlee throws two balls, Anderson and Parke teamed up with 4 points, 18 points to open the gap between the two sides. Clubb hit back three points, Parke offensive no worse, he even scored a total of 5 points, the second quarter and 4 minutes and 35 seconds when the Spurs to 104-84 lead by 20 points in the. Big gap to allow the game to lose the suspense in advance, the two sides have replaced the Spurs to win 110-94. The Blazers starting lineup: McCollum, Crabbe, Haq Les, Aminu, Plumlee spurs starting lineup: Parke, Green, Anderson, Aldridge, Gasol Author: Xiao Liu

[NBA] anchor: Lebron difficult single field 45 points he is no longer a A+ superstar

June 8, reported: two finishes in the NBA finals before, poor rider, and LeBron is not showing his dominance, which makes people suspect a problem: LeBron is the peak has passed. FOX famous sports anchor Colin Kauhad said today that Lebron is no longer had the absolute superstar. Although he in the playoffs in midfield are also can with 24.1 points, 8.8 rebounds, 7 2016 AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO “PSNY” DARK GREY/DARY GREY-BLACK HOT 3 assists and finals also averaging 21 points for Houston, but in the past, people is in the evaluation on him with the status of one of the greatest players in history, the performance of these has apparently does not match the. “He’s not as influential as he used to be in the past.” Cowherd said. “And, of course, I did not see the end of an era — LeBron will stay in this league to play, but he reminded me that you can’t see him a game boom 45 points, those days are over.” In fact, this season Lebron in the regular season than last season’s data is still small, such as shooting percentage, 52% of the season, last season 48.8%. But compared with the warriors played a season of epic star curry, Lebron apparently under the shadow of the other. “I still believe that Lebron is still the MVP of the league. But the sport in change, although he was also trying to change, but he is no longer a a + level scorer, a + class defender, a + level, etc.. Everything is no longer a A+ class. He’s really a A- to B+ player right now. He’s no longer Superman, he’s Batman.” Kauhad said. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] Kwame Brown: Kobe Jordan is the kind of people he can play streetball averaged 80 points

May 1st: by a retired star organization Big soon opened 3 streetball League. Recently, they conducted a “draft”, by the coach to select players. To participate in the Big 3 are basically familiar faces, and to be selected in the fifth overall, but also has been a lot of fans to discuss the 2001 show champion Kwame Brown. He told his former teammates in the Lakers Smush Parke participated in 3 games Big. In an interview, Brown was inevitably asked about his two most famous former teammates, Kobe and the president of the United States and the United states. Brown was Jordan pick in the draft, but in a MJ career began to be mad, completely not a potential champion; so he went to the Lakers, but also for the day, Kobe to his teammates demanding, he had no sympathy for jackson. But for Brown, it’s all over, and when it comes to Kobe and Jordan, they’re just kind of people. They are a kind of person, very powerful, whether it is on the pitch or the market, they will go all out. MJ, at the age of 39, had to adhere to the training of knee swelling. From the point of view of basketball, I think they are the greatest players.” Brown said. Asked if Kobe would play the Big 3 league, Brown said with a smile: “I think he got 80 points.” Parke said in an interview, he believes he has the ability to play in the NBA, although has bid farewell to NBA nearly 10 years. He left the Lakers with Kobe, and when it comes to the Lakers, he deliberately missed the name of Kobe. “We were very interesting team, I enjoy in Phil’s play, enjoy with Luke (Walton), Lamar (Odom) as teammates, we were there Kwame, Blaine (Cook), then the game is really exciting, I enjoy playing in Losangeles.” He said HOT CONVERSE ALL STAR CITY LIGHTS BROWN TOPS LEATHER CHUCK TAYLOR CANVAS SNEAKERS Author: Kewell

[NBA] Lu: Knight win than I in the 2 major league opener will not focus

October 25th: the last season, the young talent – coach Lu Jizhong knight, then lead the team won the first championship in team history, outstanding performance. Today, in an interview, Lu said that in order to win the title of the knight, the significance is greater than before he was a player when the championship. “This championship is more meaningful, because all I had to experience it all,” Lu said, “but I think the Lakers, I got two championship there, then we are the favourites, but the finals last season, we entered a not to be optimistic about the identity, and 1-3 behind, after the second half of the season, all of these things, the team also experienced all this, the championship for me is more significant than the previous two.” When it comes to opening day to celebrate the championship ceremony, Lu said: “the Cleveland sports will be a great day is a great day for this state of Ohio, I was excited about tomorrow.” Lu also joked, he said, that focus on the game really not easy, however, if the players don’t win the energy concentration of words, he will not win other new players have to play the game. Knight new season opener opponent is Nicks. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the knight announced today that they have cut veteran Dahntay Jones in the team, that is to say, the current temporary entered the list of Knight Liggins, Lu Li Jinsi praised from time to time in training camp in the performance. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] melon: want to play 20 years & not to see the playoffs

Reported on May 22: Robert Parish, Kevin Willis, Kevin Garnett, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Kobe, they are at least 20 year veteran of the League campaign, can achieve this success also the five. For 20 years, it seems that it is quite long, even as steady as a star Stockton have not reached such an achievement. Now, Anthony Carmelo wants to join the group. “I think I am at the peak of my career and I have been in the League for years,” Anthony told CNBC television MEN’S NIKE SHOX MONSTER SHOES BLACK/SILVER CHEAP TO BUY “I saw some people playing in the League for 20 years. This is my goal – to play in the League for 20 years.” Anthony, aged 31, has just finished his thirteenth season NBA career. If he wants to play in the League for 20 years, when he retired, it is already 38 years old “. His entire career small injury minor ailments continued, however, he has 12 seasons the match screenings in 55 games (and starting) above, attendance is fairly good. The only exception is the 2014-2015 season, when he suffered a knee injury to surgery, and therefore missed about half a season. If you want to achieve this goal, Anthony’s durability is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he years like a day to maintain stable attendance rate for him to reach this goal, but hurt less means little rest, body load will be a corresponding increase, which also late career health buried hidden dangers. However, for Anthony himself, he still wants to play a few games. Because since he entered the league, is with the title of “the playoffs moron” established a close contact, 13 year career, he only played 66 games, playing only a subarea finals. And his peers, the draft lead his two signed James – Lebron, now playing 188 playoff – this figure is still rising, the 6 into the finals, won the two championship. From the year of a moment Titans to today’s clouds and mud, Anthony see in the eyes of the anxious heart. “I need to go to the playoffs site, I was anxious to look at them,” said Anthony, “sometimes I have to close the TV, because feisty soul and jump off.” If Anthony really play 20 years, his “feisty spirit” will continue for 7 years. Now the bigger question is, can Anthony in the end be able to get a place in the playoffs? Author: Small Red Army

[NBA] 9 in 0 world still cut 27+12 ghosts assists tonight he is a magician

May 8th: the NBA playoffs continue, Eastern semi-final Game 4, the Wizards home court against celtic. The Wizards core defender John Waldo scored 27 points and 12 assists and 5 steals, is the most dazzling role. As the Wizards doing my number one star, Waldo performance determines the success or failure of the wizards. The first round of his irresistible. All 6 Eagles outside, averaging 29.5 points and 10.7 assists, is the best player in the first round. However, in the first two second round he was completely overshadowed by Thomas light, two 20+16 and 40+13 looks good, but it is the last moment is misfiring, the Celtics opened the score. Fortunately, the third field wall to give up personal attack, although only 24 points and 8 assists, but in the overall view and control field victory over Thomas, also let the Wizards pulled one back. But the Wizards of the first section is quite unfavorable, especially for the wall is very much: Although he sent a single 3 assists, but whether it is a breakthrough in the field or hit no hit. The first section of the 5 cast a total loss of a missed. He played in the doldrums, the first three games of the first quarter of the average of the Wizards of the first quarter of this year, only got a score of 20, very passive. But after all, Wal Mart, in the second quarter, after a break of 3 minutes, he continued decisive shot. Although the first 4 shots is still not in the top 9 for 0, but he used a hit in the distance to enhance self-confidence, is also a strong counterattack breakthrough. And in the middle of the second quarter, wal gave the best shot of the game: he took a step off the pace of Thomas, in situ gyro turn, but do not look at the back of the basket to the rear of the crowd, the latter easily put the ball into the. I feel full after an attack, before the end of the second quarter was selected in three from a step off, hit the ball dropped! The first section of the second section does not score, scored 14 points. But the real highlight is still in the third quarter: the Celtics even after taking the 5 points, wizards spent half a day out of a wave of 26-0 WOMEN’S PUMA SF PACE CAT II IN BLACK-WHITE SUPER DEALS No doubt the team is still driving the wall. The error counter hit the conversion for him is the most handy: whether it is Potter, Bill or Gortat, have benefited from the world assists, easily dunk or layup unguarded – wal balk hang suddenly to Gortat, the latter was completely emptied, easily put into. This wizard 13 voted in the middle of the year, there are 26 points from the use of mistakes in the back of the fight against the wall, and not only assists, but also contributed to a difficult 2+1. Only in the third quarter, wall again contributed 13 points and 5 assists. In the fourth quarter, he took the initiative to his teammates to do the ball, assists easily on the double. The second section of wall by teammate for the rest of the time, enjoy the treatment of garbage, like a wall, picking up the wizards, a back again. The game played 36 minutes in the game, he scored a total of 25 shots, free throws in the 9 of the 9 scored 27 points and 12 assists and 5 steals. Not only gorgeous assists, ghosts of the breakthrough in the third quarter of the wave of strong tide, played the role of the commander’s, this is the wal wizards fans and management expectations, and his magnificent performances, let this series tie, the game also look better. Author: Li more