[NBA] Weiss PK star is only 25% low water

Reported on May 14: Western final looming, ESPN through data interpretation of the warrior and the thunder of war, the following details: historical perspective from thunder from Seattle to relocate to Oklahoma City. This is thunder and the warriors for the first time in the playoff experience. The last time the two teams met in the playoffs, the thunder also called supersonic, in 1992 the first round of the playoffs they defeated the warriors, and in 1975 the first half of the game, the warriors defeated the supersonic. Warriors are trying to fight for second consecutive years in the finals, they last for two consecutive years to enter the finals is in the 1946-47 season and 1947-48 season, when they also called the Philadelphia warriors. The thunder is the fourth season to enter the 6 season finals. Star competition this is star studded series, Stephen curry (2 times) and Kevin Durant is nearly 3 years of regular season MVP. Curry, Wes and Kevin Durant (4 times) got a total of six scoring, curry, Thompson, Greene, Kevin Durant and Wes are selected for the this year’s all star game. The season produced a total of six West player of the Month award, the warriors and thunder swept the five of them. 3 regular season games, swept the thunder warrior, Curitiba, performance is very strong. The first time he played, he scored 50 points and assists. Second games, he hit the winning three points in overtime, eventually scored 46 points and NBA record 12 three points. Third times against, he scored 33 points, of which 11 points from the last 4 minutes of the game 30 seconds, he scored more than thunder team. Library inside the thunder averaged 35 points, is in the face of the thunder field are the highest scoring player, he most of the time to face the Weiss defense. The thunder can bite the warriors in fact regular season three times fights, three quarters of thunder or can planish with warriors, or leading. But the thunder always died last stage, such as played for the first time, the game is over 3 minutes and 30 seconds before the two sides draw, but the warriors with 12 more than 4 ending. Second grips, distal end of 4 minutes and 51 seconds thunder to an 11 point lead was rival dragged into overtime, overtime they had leading 5 was brutally quasi lore. Third fight the thunder into the distal 1 points ahead, but with a net negative 16 points PD453508ZZ PANDORA SANTA CHARM AUTHENTIC Weiss struggled to fight the warriors, but Durant did not solve the Weiss in the face of the warriors are 25 points but the hit rate of only 34.7%. Half brothers face water trench warfare defense, Weiss shot 10 of 40. Especially the dribble shot, he faced the splash 33 throw in 7, of which only 3 shots without interference. In the fight back in the 12 Weiss 8 shot down 21 points. And Durant is no solution state, he faced the warriors are 36 points, hit rate of 52.9%, three points hit rate of 47.6%, no one can put Durant’s hit rate of 5 into the following. Unlike Weiss, Durant face defense dribble shooting sight is extremely high, 35 voted 16 in more than 45% star. In addition, Weiss’s mistakes will be the key to control, the regular season when he did not miss more than 5 times, thunder 43 wins and 14 losses. And when he misses more than 5 times, thunder 12 wins and 11 losses. Author: SK


[NBA]20 reverse! Lori 27+10 Deluozan Toronto overturned piston 17 5

April 6th report: Toronto Raptors (48 wins and 31 losses) away rebound DWYANE WADE MIAMI FLORIDIANS #3 ABA HARDWOOD CLASSICS BLACK SWINGMAN JERSEY Lori returned in good condition, he voted 27 to get 16 points and 10 assists in 9, Vallance Jonas scored 19 points, DeRozan had 12 points and 10 assists, they led the team in the fourth quarter a counterattack, they reversed up to 20 points behind the Raptors 105-102 away to beat the Detroit pistons team (35 wins and 43 losses). The pistons suffered 2 defeats, the regular season Raptors 3-1 victory over the pistons. Raptors Lori 16 9 vote, 27 points, 10 assists and 4 rebounds, Jonas Vallance had 19 points and 5 rebounds, Joseph scored 15 points and 5 rebounds, DeRozan 17 shots had 12 points, 10 assists and 4 rebounds in 5, Paterson scored 10 points, Tucker 9 points and 4 rebounds. Smith, who had 16 points, 6 assists and a total of 4 rebounds, scored a record of 16 points in the game, with a score of 15 points for the team, with a score of about $and a total of 7 rebounds for the team, with a score of 11 points and a total of up to $for the team at the time of the game. The team scored a total of 12 points and a total of 14 rebounds for the team, with a total of about $. Lori’s return to the starting lineup of the Raptors, the pistons of the Pope because there is no home starter, replacing the vacancy of the Bullock. The pistons of the home court after the start of the positive performance, Maurice and Bullock hit three points, they led the team to start 20-9. Lori broke back, Harris came off the bench to feel good, he scored 7 points, Baines dunk, the first section at the end of the pistons to lead 33-15. After the start of the second section of the two teams alternating points, the pistons continue to stay ahead, Hillard and Drummond teamed up with a total of 5 minutes, the first half of the first half of the pistons to 48-28 lead by a score of 20 points. Lori scored 3 points for the team to stop bleeding, Joseph open fire, even into the 2 points of the ball, they led the team to fight back 11-2 wave, the Raptors only behind the 11 points. Baines and Harris each two points, Ibaka two free throws, Lori three free throws, the end of the first half of the Raptors to 10 points behind 46-56. The Pistons’ Smith scored 12 points in the first half, with a score of 9 points for the Raptors, and the Raptors’ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘- the Raptors scored a goal of 16 points and a second aid, with the. Pope after the start of the third quarter back to the starting point, but he is not in good condition, the Raptors even chase the start of the 6 points, they are only behind the score of 4 points. Maurice hit three points, leuer layup, the pistons continue to maintain 9 points. DeRozan recovered 4 points, Johnson in the middle of the three points, even with a total of 4 points in the quarter, there are still about minutes to lead the pistons 72-60 in 3 minutes. The two sides after each hit into several attack corner, Paterson hit three points, at the end of the three quarter Raptors 80-68 lead with 12 points. After the start of the last section of the two teams you come to me, the field score increased alternately, Harris breakthrough score, the fourth quarter is still 6 minutes and seconds when the pistons to 93-81 lead by 12 points. Tucker hit three points, Lori scored 7 points in their offensive force, led the team to 14-2 against the wave, the fourth section there are 2 minutes and 45 seconds when the Raptors chase into 95 levels. 97 flat Ibaka hits three points to let the team leader, Maurice responded with three points tied. The Raptors suspended after the Jonas Vallance hook shot, Smith jumper, DeRozan went into a vote, the fourth section there are 25.6 seconds to lead 104-100 raptors. The pistons suspended after the pop jumper, the pistons can only choose the foul tactics, Jonas Vallance is one of two free throws, fourth day and 7 seconds when the Raptors 105-102 lead with 3 points. The pistons suspended after the Pope and Harris has missed three points, they lost by 3 points gap. Raptors lineup: Lori, DeRozan, Carol, Ibaka, Jonas Vallance pistons starting lineup: Smith, Bullock, Maurice, and Drummond leuer

[NBA] referee Association spray NBA referee report: Green foul? You are wrong!

December 16th: since NBA began in 2015 March published the last game in 2 minutes the referee reports, it has been controversial, especially in the National Basketball Association referee very opposed the move UNDER ARMOUR CURRY TWO ORANGE MULTICOLOR SNEAKER AUTHENTIC Recently, the association and NBA bar on the. Finally, NBA recently issued many of the 2 minute of the match report, including the pelican warriors beat the battle, the last 2 minutes of the Davies report, the key is Green off the ball foul, and the national basketball referees association to fight back. “The warriors and the pelican in the battle of the referee did not foul call is correct, no matter who is looking back the ball, their conclusions are wrong,” the National Basketball Association referee in their official twitter said. “To pull the shirt this kind of thing, in the game is very easy to happen, is incidental things, is the very edge of the thing, this does not affect the players speed, agility, balance, or rhythm.” NBA the last 2 minutes of the referee reports that Green Davies steals very clean, but before he put his hand on the other on the back, pulled his shirt, so this is a foul. This is not the first time the National Basketball Association has sprayed NBA’s last 2 minutes. Before they publicly expressed dissatisfaction, and said the move to change the game and no meaning. Indeed, NBA the last 2 minutes of the report looks very full of formalism, it appears that chicken ribs, but a lot of reaction, such as too much emphasis on the last 2 minutes of the penalty is important, in fact, even if the referee whistled in the last 2 minutes all right, it may also be a controversial game, because the other time the referee may make a lot of mistakes and not be displayed. In addition, NBA penalty report is not absolute authority, sometimes the same foul, in some games is correct, while others are not correct. For example, Green on Davies’s last break through the replays, this is indeed a very beautiful steals. If the defender can not put his hands on the offensive player’s back, then NBA each game every offensive and defensive round basically foul. In addition to the national basketball referees Association, many NBA players also hate the last 2 minutes referee report. For example, the Clippers Griffin, he has many angry spray this report meaningless. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] embid de Murray was elected East rookie of the year 76 month in team history fourth

December 2nd: NBA officially announced, with excellent performance in /11 months of October, 76 people in Philadelphia team and the Denver nuggets embid de Murray was named the eastern rookie of the year in October /11 month. 22 year old German in 2014 NBA draft in third was selected, he averaged 18.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2 6 COLORWAYS SB SUPREME X NIKE SB TENNIS CLASSIC MEN DISCOUNT 42 blocks lead all rookie, three points hit rate of 50% is also the first rookie. Nebid become since the 1992-93 season, Shaquille O’neal, the first in 12 games out of such field data are players. We got the 4 season as the score rebounds, the team beat Feinikesi 120-105 in the November 19th sun team, his 14 throw in 9 scored a season high 26 points. In November 11th, German embid had 25 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocked shots, 76 teams after extra time with a 109-105 win over the Indiana pacers. We de Stackhouse, Iverson and Makawe to join the ranks of history to become the only 4 month won the rookie of the year title for 76 players. Stackhouse had 1 month rookie of the year (March 1996), Iverson 2 (November 1996 and April 1997), Maikawei 4 times (November 2013, January 2014, March 2014 and April 2014). 19 year old Murray is the 2016 NBA draft of the 7 show, he was 10.4 points to lead all western rookie, he also has 2.8 rebounds (fourth) and 2.1 assists (fifth). In the last 6 games of the month, he had at least 18 points in 4 games, including 24 points and 6 rebounds in November 22nd, and the Nuggets beat the Chicago bulls with 110-107. In November 25th, he had 20 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 blocked shots, the Nuggets lost 129-132 to the Oklahoma City thunder. Murray is the fourth rookie of the month to get players in Nuggets history, the first since April 2012 by Reed after he joined, Mutombo (2), Anthony (6) and Fareed (1) ranks. The following is the end of Fred and Murray in the October /11 month highlights: Nebid, Philadelphia team of 76 people in November 11th, against the Indiana Pacers home court: 25 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocked shots, the team with a 109-105 win over the pacers. November 19th, vs. Feinikesi Suns: 14 voted 9 to get a season high 26 points, plus 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks, the team to 120-105 victory over the suns. In November 27th, home court against the Cleveland Cavaliers: 22 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocked shots, the team lost 108-112 to cleveland. Murray, Denver nuggets in November 20th, vs. Utah Jazz: 8 voted 6 to get 18 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds, the Nuggets to 105-91 victory over the Utah jazz. November 22nd, vs. Chicago bulls: 13 voted 9 to get a season high 24 points, plus 6 rebounds and 2 assists, the Nuggets to 110-107 victory over the bulls. In November 26th, home court against the Oklahoma City thunder team: 20 points, 7 rebounds and 2 steals, the Nuggets lost 129-132 to thunder. The other thing was nominated for rookie of the month of the players and the Boston Celtics, Brown Ingram of the Losangeles Lakers, Nicks New York team Hernan Gomes, New Orleans pelicans team Hilde, Oklahoma City thunder team Sabonis, 76 people in Philadelphia’s Saric and Toronto raptors, Yakamu. Author: Evan

[NBA] key 2 warriors killed 150 million ball makes not scoring as long as the winning play Conley

January 7th: the Grizzlies win 128-119 overtime victory over the warriors to avoid 3 game losing streak, Mike Conley played 41 minutes, 19 for 27 points and 4 rebounds, 12 assists and 1 steals in 10, this is not a dazzling statistics, with his $150 million contract is almost the biggest meaning, in the game a lot of commentary worth with Conley ridicule, but this game is the most in the Grizzlies trailed by 24 points counter attack, this is the most exciting wave may reverse climax in recent seasons, Conley scored two goals in the very valuable. The first ball is the conventional time hit the last 20 seconds, Durant missed three points, Daniels rebounds, the Grizzlies 109-111 behind, need someone to stand up before the Grizzlies are playing inside, Randolph, little Gasol wants to play on the hammer, the success rate, continue to give the ball to the Twin Towers is a good choice. But back in the game, no Conley got the ball to the inside of the meaning, he chose to play the ball himself. A goal is scored on Conley also 7 minutes 26 seconds before the end of three hits, he has been a long time without scoring, not even shot PUMA FERRARI INDUCTION SNEAKERS GREYBLACKBEIGE Is it wise to stand up and take responsibility at this time? Start from the top of the arc Conley dribble breakthrough, he wanted to go to the left side of the basket to kill, who knows the moving foot suddenly shot, he did not hesitate to pull up a jump shot, the ball crashed into the net as a grizzly. The warriors last attack in curry and Allen Conley double defense under the ultra far three points in overtime to Memphis or Randolph and little Gasol continue to abuse baskets. Although the warriors take these two people have no way, but they can still hit the score through a constant outside line. Fight to overtime 1 minutes and 13 seconds from the end of three, Green hit the key points, the warriors only 119-122 behind, as long as the guard next round has a chance to tie. Randolph energy has reached its limit, Gasol had not shot, can bear another Conley, him for 55.1 seconds again distance shooting, will be opened to the poor 5. 1 minutes, 5 points, the momentum completely in this side of Memphis, curry layup after the warriors completely collapsed. The distal critical moment to extra time, Conley hit the two ball, but the other two balls a save Memphis, a completely killed the warrior. A review of the audience, Conley also sent 12 assists, to be good at sharing the ball for the Warriors also 23 assists, so now to recall the beginning of the problem, the league’s 150 million Grizzlies to Conley high paying, worth it? Author: John

The most gorgeous dream of [NBA]’s strongest spurs is broken.

Fireworks, often in the most gorgeous when put out. The strongest in the history of a Spurs, but missed the finals. 99-113, after all, the paratelum super counter surge high and sweep forward for miracle, no reverse. A spent force, incompetent. Light from the regular season record, this is definitely the strongest in the history of the spurs. 67 wins, which is the standard hall class team. If the 73 win warriors steal the show, the Spurs to become a model widely acclaimed. Isn’t it? Duncan is 40 years old, from 1997 to 2016, the Spurs can enter the playoffs every year, every year has maintained a strong competitive. Last summer, the Spurs got Aldridge. Even if the first round of the first round, the team still has a fatal attraction for the free agent. But in an interview with Parke said very understand, “spurs the only goal this year is to win the championship. If you can not win, then everything will have no meaning.” A war today, Parke fulfilled his promise, 34 year old veteran, even in front of Wesbrook press! As is known to all, this defensive posture, in fact, is the most exhausting. The Spurs have no escape route, the opening game victory, swept the opponents 32 points, gave the holy city and the Holy City fans an illusion. If the thunder is a paper tiger, Oklahoma “fried king” is bluffing. Just the next 5 games, thunder II less his outstanding talent, to tell the Spurs, not only we are the future, is now our. No fancy what pure genius rolled diabolic tricks and wicked craft. Compared with the union of personal ability and ranked the top three Durant, Leonard, after all, still be inferior to some; and Aldridge after rolling Ibaka two, then the game and into the style of partial soft and tackling ability is insufficient, a vicious circle. That today’s World War I, when the Spurs opening will be thunder ringing off the hook, 40 year old Duncan had to personally stand out, leading both offense and defense. When Duncan spelled a life old scored 19 points and five rebounds. When you see the Spurs sounded the horn counterattack, Duncan was Ibaka slap fan down, will have a feeling huangrugeshi? Not old legend, after all, only a fairy tale. Historically, 67 wins over the team, only the past 1972-73 season, the Celtics failed to reach the finals. The season with the Celtics, winning 68 games, but in the East will in 7 game match, losing to Nicks NIKE SHOX DELIVER 809 WOMEN BIGGER SIZE ALL WHITE/MEN FREE SHIPPING 67 regular season wins, team history the strongest spurs in the Western Conference semifinals screeching halt. What are they waiting for this summer? Is to continue to reinforcement or reconstruction big? Like Duncan, Kobe for the sixth crown to win the individual, but also has an unusual dedication. Only, he probably can not achieve such a desire. Author: LEON

[NBA] is not afraid of Jackson chaos! Anonymous Manager: for God Star recruit Nicks wave

December 17th: the past few seasons, Nicks has been the big free agent such as Miss Durant this summer, do not want to interview with them, because he didn’t want to play for the team, however, insiders still optimistic about New York’s ability to recruit, but this is not because of Anthony or Jackson, but because of Pohl Zingis. “He’s definitely capable of recruiting and it’s easy to see what he’s doing on the pitch,” said a senior Western team. “Absolutely, absolutely,” said another Western team’s top brass. According to statistics, Pohl Zingis since 1983 NBA twelfth in his first 100 games to score a score of 1500 points while the cap to reach the players of 175. Other players on this list are superstars like Olajuwon, Ewing and O’neal. “The players really respect Pohl Zingis’s game, everyone wants to play with him, but not in the absence of Anthony, at the moment still have Anthony,” an anonymous agent said MEN’S NIKE SHOX R5 SHOES BLACK/GOLDEN/GREY DISCOUNT “I think the players is definitely to play with Pohl Zingis, because he was able to open space, and he is very selfless, he is also very, very talented,” another broker said. And Pohl Zingis himself is willing to help Nicks to recruit free agents. Of course, you want to build a team around you, so that you can win, you can win one day benefited in every way, realize, “Pohl Zingis said,” now, I don’t worry about your own can recruit what players join in. I just focus on my team and try my best this season, then the future is sure to happen.” Author: Qiao Tete